Action Studio Class at the Golden Dragon

Action Studio Class at the Golden Dragon
How does the Action Studio Class at the Golden Dragon Martial Arts School differ from other schools?

Most action studios are filled with lots of equipment and staffed with instructors who teach stunt work across a variety of levels. An experienced cameraman will film you and your classmates as you leap across ropes and fly through the air doing somersaults. A clever editor will add visual effects, turning you into the next 'Superman', 'Batman' or 'Iron Man'.
None of this is meaningful.

There is nothing about that approach that will show you what is behind the engaging acting skills of Al Pacino or Dustin Hoffman. It will not teach you the riveting charisma of Bruce Lee or give you an understanding of his ability to command an audience's attention with a single simple motion.
Reciting dialogue and grimacing into the camera lens isn’t enough. A great action actor has the ability to release himself in the moment, expressing oneself to convey the emotions of the hero through his body and soul. You will never learn these things by relying on the advantages of today’s movie making technology.

Now let's discuss what an actor should do to stay in demand and maintain a career.

A wise man once said: “Time spent on self-perfection is the only time in life that is well spent”. The achievement of self-perfection is something personal and differs with each individual, but its proper application increases your value, especially when applied to business.
If you develop yourself to maximize your potential then success naturally comes your way. This requires dedication and patience. 3,000 years ago Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said “the world belongs to those who are patient”, and he was absolutely right.

Now I will explain why the Golden Dragon Action studio is different from other schools and why you should choose us over them.
  1. First, we won't start by teaching you tricks or surface techniques. We will start at the beginning, teaching you to control your body and enable it to perform any of your commands. There are a lot of ways to do that, but they are all based on the general principle that your body should be obedient. Any thought or emotion can be expressed through movement but only if your body is able to perform what you require. This kind of body conditioning can't be achieved through tricks; it requires appropriate training.
  2. Second, we will also teach you emotional control. Even the smallest fall can cause big trouble. When you learn to control your emotions you achieve clarity, and clarity helps you avoid mistakes. This takes work and dedication but the result are worth it.
  3. Third, your body will be grateful to you for the health you give to it. Our training is based on the deep principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and your education is designed around your individual needs and physiological characteristics.
    Action classes at Golden Dragon Martial Arts School.
We offer 5 different classes:
  • general physical preparation
  • special preparation for action movies actors
  • flexibility and coordination development
  • basics of martial arts technique
  • basics of fight choreography for movies and theatre

Knowing what you want is easy, but sometimes, assessing your potential is not. Each class has its own features and develops specific qualities. The team at Golden Dragon is made up of highly skilled professionals. It is our job to help you to find the best way to realize your full potential. Attending an interview and trial class at our school is the first step to choosing the right course for you.
At The Golden Dragon Martial Arts school, all Hollywood notions about Martial Arts will be replaced with real knowledge and amazing possibilities. We will teach you REAL Martial Arts. This is why the results from our training will absolutely exceed your own expectations. We say this confidently because for us, this is not just a business; it’s a way of life.
You can sign up for the interview and trial class online or by phone. +1 310 207 5260