The Chinese Martial Arts are traditionally divided into two groups: the internal family, and the external family. Our classes offer the choice between Kung Fu (external) and Tai Chi (internal). These are two different courses of study, but it is important to remember: the principles of proper movement and technique are the same, regardless of method. As Bruce Lee famously put it, “I do not believe in different styles”. Kung Fu and Tai Chi offer people a different path to the same truth. These approaches offer different methods of practice and training. In ancient China, all beginners started by learning the “external” family, but modern culture demands access to both from the beginning. Interest and enthusiasm are the fuel of progress. We strive to help people determine the best possible course of study for themselves. We all have different talents, different bodies, and different aptitudes. Some should start with Kung Fu, others with Tai Chi. You are welcome to try both. We can help you determine what is best for you.



The Future Should Be Healthy: Igniting Your Potential Through Holistic Wellness

"The Future Should Be Healthy" embodies a visionary approach to personal well-being, delving into realms often overlooked by conventional fitness programs. Rooted in the profound wisdom of traditional Chinese martial arts, this program, curated by Kung Fu Master Dmitry Prosvirov, transcends mere physical exercise. It is a journey towards holistic development, nurturing the body, mind, and spirit.

Philosophy and Approach

At its core, "The Future Should Be Healthy" is a fusion of centuries-old martial arts wisdom and contemporary understanding of human physiology. Master Dmitry Prosvirov's innovative blend of ancient teachings and modern insights forms the bedrock of this transformative program. It's not just about physical prowess; it's about optimizing every facet of your being to unlock your full potential.

Comprehensive Development

This program is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it's a personalized roadmap to wellness. Through one-on-one consultations and expert guidance, Master Dmitry Prosvirov tailors each program to the individual's goals and needs. Whether you aspire to enhance strength, endurance, coordination, speed, flexibility, or seek psychological stability and stress resilience, "The Future Should Be Healthy" equips you with the tools and motivation to achieve your aspirations.

Key Components

  1. Mental Approach to Training: Gain insights into the profound reasons behind your training regimen through exclusive interviews with Master Dmitry. Periodic consultations ensure your approach remains aligned with your objectives, while also tracking your progress along the way.

  2. Physical Exercises: Embark on a journey of self-discovery through meticulously crafted training exercises. Each video session, ranging from 5 to 60 minutes, serves as a gateway to physical transformation, guiding you towards your peak performance.

  3. Historical Insights: Delve into the rich tapestry of martial arts history and its profound connection to health and well-being. Engage with curated documentaries and films that illuminate the timeless principles of mind-body harmony.

  4. Literature Recommendations: Expand your horizons and deepen your understanding of holistic living through curated reading recommendations. Master Dmitry Prosvirov's selection of literature serves as a beacon of wisdom, nurturing your passion for a healthier lifestyle.

  5. Martial Arts Seminars: Immerse yourself in the collective wisdom of martial arts through interactive online seminars. Engage with Master Dmitry Prosvirov and fellow participants, gaining valuable insights and clarifying any queries along the way.

Take the First Step

The journey towards a healthier future begins with a single step. Sign up for "The Future Should Be Healthy" program today and embark on a transformative voyage towards holistic wellness. Let Master Dmitry Prosvirov be your guide as you unlock the boundless potential that lies within you.

Together, Let's Shape a Future That's Vibrant, Balanced, and Thriving!



  • Master of Chinese Martial Arts
    Dmitry Prosvirov a martial artist, was fortunate enough to have a Grand Master of Chinese martial arts as his father. From a young age, Dmitry's father, Valery Prosvirov, taught him the art of Kung Fu. Valery Prosvirov is a unique individual with an extensive background in martial arts, wh...
  • Grandmaster of Chinese Martial Arts
    Valery Prosvirov - Owner, Founder and Headmaster of the School of Martial Arts "Golden Dragon". Year of birth 1966. He began studying martial arts (Kyokushin Karate and Sambo) in 1978 at the age of 11. From the summer of 1979 to September 1985 he studied the basics of Chinese kung fu...


  • Dmitry Prosvirov Master Of The Year Kung Fu (2023)
  • Valery Prosvirov Kung Fu Grand Master of the Year (2016)
  • Dmitry Prosvirov Kung Fu Instructor of the Year (2016)
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  • Valery Prosvirov Grand Master of the Year Kung Fu (2015).
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  • Dmitry Prosvirov Kung Fu Instructor of the Year (2015)
  • Valery Prosvirov Chinese Martial Arts Master of the Year (2014)..
  • Valery Prosvirov Chinese Martial Arts Master of the Year (2014).
  • Valery Prosvirov Chinese Martial Arts Master of the Year (2014)
  • Dmitry Prosvirov Kung Fu Instructor of the Year (2014)..
  • Dmitry Prosvirov Kung Fu Instructor of the Year (2014).
  • Dmitry Prosvirov Kung Fu Instructor of the Year (2014)
  • Valery Prosvirov Kung Fu Master of the Year (2013).
  • Valery Prosvirov Kung Fu Master of the Year (2013)

People often say that the martial arts have their own philosophy. The truth is that the philosophy of the Martial Arts cannot be isolated from Philosophy in general.

Philosophy is reality: where we live, what we breathe, and what we think. Therefore, the Martial arts are a part of philosophy, and not vice-versa. Popular conception divides philosophy by time and territory: Eastern Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Religion, etc…Opinions often stand in opposition to each other, but they have a general purpose that unites them all: Their effort to explain the truth. If all of these philosophies removed the subjective and fictional, what remained would be the singular truth. The truth is the same for all people. Reality itself is our one universal human philosophy. Success for a human life demands doing the right thing:  Do not oppress the weak, do not kill, do not steal—all of these actions are terrible for the mental and physical health of the perpetrator, and society as a whole. This has been known for thousands of years. The desire to make the world a little better, and to better one’s self, is innate to all healthy humans.

The practice of Kung Fu lends itself to a greater health and a greater understanding of reality. This is what we strive to do.