Martial Arts


The Chinese Martial Arts are traditionally divided into two groups: the internal family, and the external family. Our classes offer the choice between Kung Fu (external) and Tai Chi (internal). These are two different courses of study, but it is important to remember: the principles of proper movement and technique are the same, regardless of method. As Bruce Lee famously put it, “I do not believe in different styles”.

Kung Fu and Tai Chi offer people a different path to the same truth. These approaches offer different methods of practice and training. In ancient China, all beginners started by learning the “external” family, but modern culture demands access to both from the beginning. 

Interest and enthusiasm are the fuel of progress. We strive to help people determine the best possible course of study for themselves. 

We all have different talents, different bodies, and different aptitudes. Some should start with Kung Fu, others with Tai Chi. You are welcome to try both. We can help you determine what is best for you.

Terms of admission

Kung Fu is a gem of Chinese civilization. We strive to preserve its original purity. We pay the greatest of attention to the smallest of details. We are persistent, demanding, and always practice what we preach. The ancients called Kung Fu the art of life. For us, the most important aspect of Kung Fu is quality.

Before applying to train, you should know: we're not a fitness club! Our training is more than the attainment of Martial Arts skills and the development of the body. Our training is very challenging and  rewarding work to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. The purpose of Kung Fu is to develop the full potential inherent in a person. The Martial Arts allow you to fully realize your needs and your capabilities, and to free yourself from the selfish demands of a subjective mind.