Qi Gong is a set of exercises based on focused breathing techniques. According to archaeological research, Qi Gong has been in existence for about 7,000 years. In the past 5,000 years, it has evolved into a highly sophisticated system for health development. 

When practiced correctly, Qi Gong is good for everything, and everyone. These exercises are very accessible for people of all ages and physical abilities. Qi Gong takes all different forms, ranging from mild to intense.

Qi Gong improves your ability to control your breathing, as well as your body's efficient use of oxygen.

In Kung Fu, the whole training process is based on breathing. Qi Gong can be called the heart of Chinese Kung Fu.

To make the most of Qi Gong, you need to be aware of the main point. When the exercise involves movement, you must focus on connecting your breathing with your movement. This allows your mind, body, and spirit to work in unison. When a Qi Gong exercise is static, we must breath fully, and with purpose.

Make every breath count. You can spend a lifetime improving and refining these techniques. You can spend a lifetime reaping the benefits of this work.

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