The Future Should be Healthy

Joints warm up + stretching
Qi Gong + Joints warm up
Mastering Weapons
Acrobatics - Demonstration of Basic elements
How to choose the right program?

You are ready to begin training! 
The Missing Piece is designed to achieve real results.
In order to guarantee the best results, you MUST train six days per week. 
You must train in the morning AND in the evening. 
Your body, your health, and your development demands this type of training. 
Not every training session is difficult physical work, but every training session must be done with purpose and focus.

There are three levels of training: 
Level one: Beginners and Seniors 
Level Two: Intermediate 
Level Three: Advanced 

We recommend that everyone begins with the Level One videos. Your training is only as strong as its foundation. The Level One videos are the foundation. 
Once you feel ready for a greater challenge, begin training with the Level Two videos. 
Level Three videos are designed for people with great physical condition and great understanding. 
Consistency is the key. Train consistently—pay attention to the details and follow the schedule—and you will achieve great results!

To created the ideal training schedule for you with which to use these videos and to control quality with professional just fill up our CONTACT FORM on the front page and we will get back to you. Online consultations possible and will be discussed after we have your contact information. Thanks

Each video includes a detailed description of every exercise. 
For the best results, perform every exercise from start to finish, in the same sequence in which it is presented. There is no need to do any additional work. Simply start the video and start your training.