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The name “The Missing Piece” is meant to convey the unique philosophical and psychological foundation of this
system, which intends to focus on the features of health, wellness, nutrition and exercise that other forms of
fitness tend to neglect. The program is designed to develop the individual comprehensively, both inside and out.
“The Missing Piece” is based on the training methods of traditional Chinese martial arts. For centuries Masters
have been passing down generations of knowledge, and Grand Master Vaelriy Prosvirov has combined there
teachings with his own understandings of human physiology to create an instructional program that is able to
optimize the individual based on their own personal goals and needs. This program ignites the awesome
capability inside every human. It is designed to teach and instill methods and motivation for the individual to
lead a healthy more balanced life.
When used properly these videos will help to inspire individuals to reach their own apex of strength, endurance,
coordination, speed and flexibility, the five facets needed to ensure healthy body and clearer mind. Consistent
training within this program also provides psychological stability - unleashing the creative potential of the
participant and empowering them to withstand stress.
Using essential universal training principles, “The Missing Piece” with its modular structure can be easily
customized to individual workout needs, tailored to any person’s condition and abilities.
Each video is planned for 35 to 50 minutes in length, and is broken into two parts
1. The mental approach to training (i.e. the reasons for doing what we do)
2. The physical exercises explored in the form of training exercises. The training portion will take at least 30 minutes on each video at a minimum.