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Master of Chinese Martial Arts

Dmitry Prosvirov a martial artist, was fortunate enough to have a Grand Master of Chinese martial arts as his father. From a young age, Dmitry's father, Valery Prosvirov, taught him the art of Kung Fu. Valery Prosvirov is a unique individual with an extensive background in martial arts, who moved to the United States from the Russian Federation in 2010 and received an extraordinary visa based on his qualifications in Kung Fu. He holds a martial arts club in Santa Monica, California, where he provides high-quality education and training in martial arts and other services. Valery Prosvirov also conducts lectures and serves Chinese tea to students and guests of his KungFu club.

Dmitry Prosvirov was born in September 1987 to Valery and Elena Prosvirovs, and kung fu was deeply ingrained in his life from a young age. He began training at the age of four under the guidance of his father, who instilled in him a focus on speed and discipline. His father trained him throughout his youth and even had other instructors work with him personally. At 16, Dmitry became his father's direct apprentice and set out on the path to become an instructor. Despite the rigorous and tedious training, Dmitry remained determined to achieve his goals. After five years of hard work, Dmitry was appointed manager of Kung Fu at Golden Dragon in March 2008. Six months later, Master Valery officially made him an instructor, making Dmitry the first Golden Dragon student to complete the eight-year instructor training course. However, this was not the only area of martial arts in which Dmitry would excel.

Grandmaster of Chinese Martial Arts
Valery Prosvirov - Owner, Founder and Headmaster of the School of Martial Arts "Golden Dragon". Year of birth 1966.

He began studying martial arts (Kyokushin Karate and Sambo) in 1978 at the age of 11.

From the summer of 1979 to September 1985 he studied the basics of Chinese kung fu from the traditional martial arts  master Khan Ding Wang.

Master Khan (1902-1987) belonged to the pantheon of Chinese masters and taught in a traditional manner, so the study of the internal and external styles were held simultaneously. The instructor was a great specialist in Hong Jia Quan and Tai Chi Chuan Yang style. Valery's training went on for 5-6 hours every day, which took almost all his free time after school and work. In late 1984, at the insistence of the master he began teaching.