Trial session

The first training session is not very difficult, if you understand where you have come, of course. If you decide to practice martial arts,  what you need to know is that martial arts is a different life, not at all like your old one. You will feel it at the very beginning. 

Already at the first training session, you will see that there are no minor details here. Everything is important! At the first lesson, all your conditions will be tested - joint mobility, flexibility, coordination, cardio system and, of course, strength endurance. And that's not all. Psychological parameters will also be affected - perception, motivation for action, the ability to self-improvement and self-control... 

But, this is just the beginning...
Then you will find an amazing path, a lifetime long, on which you will make many discoveries and make many important decisions. 
You will learn everything about yourself and learn to be honest with yourself. 
And when this happens, you will realize that your choice made at the very beginning was the right one. 
Welcome to the Martial Arts World!

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