Aged Oolong (8 years)

Aged Oolong (8 years)

The name 'aged oolong' is not applicable to just any 'old' oolong. The aging is a controlled and skillful process, which requires proper artisan supervision. Aged Oolong must be properly kept and checked every 12-18 months by the Tea Master. According to his decision, the tea has to be re-roasted every few years.

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Aged oolongs are supposed to have a strong 'Cha Qi' (the so-called Tea Energy), which people in Taiwan used to talk about. In drinking our 8 year oolong you can feel the magnificent power of the tea energy and the engaging, sophisticated qualities of an aged tea.


With the aging process the original oolong loses its flavor and transforms into its new dimension. You will appreciate its very smooth and mellow taste, with an amazing caramel aroma and a beautiful dark orange-brown liquor.


Only rare tea farms produce aged oolongs. This makes aged oolong a unique product which accordingly increases its cost.

How to brew:
Use 203-208° F water to brew this tea. Rinse the teapot (Yixing pot recommended) and the tea cups with hot water. Take 1 teaspoon (or as personally preferred) for 8 ounces of water (~200 ml). Put the tea leaves into the teapot and pour in the desired amount of water. Steep for 2 minutes. Enjoy at least 5 infusions.
P.S. Increase the steeping time for subsequent brewings.