Golden Dragon Tea Room

Golden Dragon Tea Room

Chinese tea is one of the oldest known beverages, with a rich history spanning nearly five millennia. First used as a medicinal herb, Chinese tea eventually gained popularity and became widespread as a drink to be enjoyed by everyone on a daily basis. During its long history Chinese tea has become an important cultural phenomenon and has even taken on its own customs.

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Lu Yu, the great Chinese scholar said: "Tea tempers the spirits and harmonizes the mind, dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue, awakens thought and prevents drowsiness, lightens and refreshes the body, and clears the perceptive faculties.”

Golden Dragon has opened Golden Dragon Tea Room so you can put Lu Yu's words to the test.


At Golden Dragon Tea Room you will find the most famous and delicious white, yellow, green, oolong and pu-erh teas, all available for tasting and purchase. We will be happy to help you choose your perfect tea and teach you how to brew it the right way. Welcome!


Chinese tea is all about the calm, meditative mind of Zen. It isn´t simply a drink to satisfy your thirst, but rather a means to emphasize our harmony with nature, soul and mind. In order to truly savor and feel the spirit of genuine Chinese tea, you have to let go of the bustle and hurry that have come to define our modern lives. All the steps of brewing and drinking tea require an inward-turned mind. Take a break from the rush of your daily routine and give yourself the pleasure and tranquility of savoring perfect tea from Golden Dragon!

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