Project "The Way of Life". Tai Chi Yang style by Valery Prosvirov (2015)

Project "The Way of Life". Tai Chi Yang style by Valery Prosvirov (2015)
“The Way of Life” - dedicated to the ancient art of Tai Chi Chuan.
While Tai Chi is a martial art which cultivates the ability to end human life, it is not paradoxical in its principle; it is actually dedicated to the preservation of life. It is, of course, safe to say that this art fosters the possibility of being effective in combat – which is very useful and necessary – but this is only a side effect of the art itself. The philosophy of Tai Chi teaches us to cultivate life, strengthening it fr om day to day, fr om year to year. Following its doctrines and principles, one is certain to gain good health, vitality, and long life. In a sense, it is a veritable fountain of youth, as it allows us counter the destructive course of time and aging upon the body. This is why when you see elders practicing Tai Chi, they are usually more spry and limber than elders that don't. It literally helps us to never grow old! It gives the practitioner indomitable spiritual power, making us strong even when our bodies appear weak. Rest assured, this is not mad delirium. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I do not subscribe to the esoteric belief that people, the gods, love, or pacifism will save the world. This thinking is flawed; while they would like to believe they are at times, people are not gods. There are no Supermen among us waiting to save us fr om the perils of our nature. While Love functions, it is not the whole of life, and in some situations, violence is in fact necessary. Sometimes, it is even good, as it is the only way to bring those who use violence rampantly to understand the truth of why it must not be used all of the time. Want to bet? Examine, if you will, the condition of a 'pacifist' – lazy, uncertain of oneself when in danger, waiting to be victimized. Would you say you do not possess these traits? If you can honestly say no, good on you. But if not, merit the truth, for lying to oneself is the zenith of immorality and sin. The absolute truth is that without knowledge of violence and how it is used, you are simply waiting to become a victim of it, and there is wh ere it shall teach you its function.

You see, the principle is simple – it is a perfect state of life, wh ere balance exists and awakens wisdom within us that allows us to see truth with an objective point of view. Contrary to popular opinion, wisdom is not a body of knowledge. It is something much more. It allows us to see the truth of what is happening within and around us, wh ere we can seek answers to questions without the answers causing difficulties or being clouded by ego. You just see it, then do what you must without spending any extra effort on unnecessary thoughts and useless action. The presistent and increasing vitality gained from Tai Chi is only attained when you can achieve the desired result without spending excessive force. It sounds incredible and fantastical, but this is the fundamental principle of Tai Chi Chuan.

Practicing Tai Chi can give a person many incredible abilities while changing one's entire aspect on life at the same time. It is proven to change one's life for the better, as if painting the world into a much brighter picture than before. But you must be the painter; the only way for it to happen is through finding the Way in the art and practice of Tai Chi. This is the main objective of the “Way of Life.” Within its framework, we will cover the fundamentals and details of Tai Chi Chuan,explain basic principles, and show the direction you must go. From there, everything depends upon you.

Lao Tzu once said, “The road is made by walking.” Those words from 3,000 years ago – whether he knew it or not – offered the world the very principle of Tai Chi. These sagacious words from an enlightened man have stood the test of time, repeated by many others for three millenia. This shows they truly should be taken to heart... Be bold! Keep moving forward without doubt and you will find an amazing life full of victories and new opportunities.

About the Project:
The Way of Life will include a series of videos on Tai Chi Chuan style. They will discuss the theory and practice of Tai Chi, as well as the historical facts and medical aspects of the art. These films intend to teach the complete philosophy of Tai Chi as well as its practical application in real life. It will also explain both internal and external techniques – and how they are intrinsically one and the same – while teaching the practitioner how to manage the psycho-emotional sphere so that it may give you strength. This differs from other arts in that most martial arts disciplines place emphasis on taking and gaining power, instead of realizing the truth; which is that power can not be taken, but is simply employed.

“The Way of Life” is designed for all ages, genders, backgrounds, and skill levels, from beginners to serious practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan. The films included in the project will be as follows:
24 Forms of Tai Chi Chuan Yang style (Fundamentals and style breakdown)
Gung Fa Tai Chi Chuan ( Body development methods in Tai Chi)
Qigong of Tai Chi Chuan
Basic efforts of Tai Chi Chuan Yang style (basic and intermediate applictaion)
Tui Shou (partner work exercises for real-world combat applications of Tai Chi)
Traditional weapons of Tai Chi Chuan (Jiang Straight sword – structure, mechanics, and details of its use within the art form)
We plan to implement this project in 2016.
And now (as long as we are working on a draft) we offer  pictures outlining the 24 step form of Tai Chi Chuan to supplement the students' learning experience.

Valery Prosvirov creative production is done at his own expense, all your donations will help to move forward with projects. Your gift will make a difference!

1.     Starting

1.jpg   2.jpg   3.jpg

4.jpg   5.jpg   6.jpg

7.jpg   8.jpg   9.jpg

10.jpg   11.jpg

2. Grasp the bird tail

12.jpg   13.jpg   14.jpg

15.jpg   16.jpg   17.jpg

18.jpg   19.jpg   20.jpg

21.jpg   22.jpg   23.jpg

24.jpg   25.jpg   26.jpg

27.jpg   28.jpg

3. White Crane spreads It’s wings

29.jpg   30.jpg   31.jpg

4.  Brush knee

32.jpg   33.jpg   34.jpg

35.jpg   36.jpg   37.jpg

38.jpg   39.jpg   40.jpg

41.jpg   42.jpg   43.jpg

5.  Playing the Lute

44.jpg   45.jpg

6.  Repulse Monkey

46.jpg   47.jpg   48.jpg
49.jpg   50.jpg   51.jpg
52.jpg   53.jpg

7.  Tai  Chi diagram

54.jpg   55.jpg   56.jpg
57.jpg   58.jpg   59.jpg
60.jpg   61.jpg   62.jpg
63.jpg   64.jpg   65.jpg
66.jpg   67.jpg   68.jpg
69.jpg   70.jpg   71.jpg
72.jpg   73.jpg   74.jpg
75.jpg   76.jpg   77.jpg

8.   Single whip

79.jpg   80.jpg   81.jpg

9.  Cloud hands

83.jpg   84.jpg   85.jpg
86.jpg   87.jpg   88.jpg

10.   Single whip

89.jpg   90.jpg   91.jpg

11.    Feed the wild horse, stroking the mane

92.jpg   93.jpg

12.  A heron stands on one leg

94.jpg   95.jpg

13.    Using palms to support the sky and right heel kick

96.jpg   97.jpg   98.jpg

14.  Double punch in the ears

100.jpg   101.jpg

15.    Turn around left, left heel kick

102.jpg   103.jpg   104.jpg

16.  Down single whip    

106.jpg   107.jpg   108.jpg

17.  Golden rooster stands on one leg


18.   Down single whip

111.jpg   112.jpg   113.jpg

19.  Fair lady works the shuttles

115.jpg   116.jpg   117.jpg
118.jpg   119.jpg   120.jpg
121.jpg   122.jpg

20.   Needle at bottom of the sea

123.jpg   124.jpg

21.    Fan through the back

125.jpg   126.jpg

22.   Turn and strike the gong

127.jpg   128.jpg   129.jpg

23.    Step forward, parry and punch

130.jpg   131.jpg   132.jpg
133.jpg   134.jpg   135.jpg

24.   Close

137.jpg   138.jpg   139.jpg
140.jpg   141.jpg   142.jpg
143.jpg   144.jpg