Inside the Dragon's Lair (2016)

Inside the Dragon's Lair (2016)

Interview Series for Kung Fu of Golden Dragon

Mission Statement: At Kung Fu Golden Dragon Martial Arts School, founded by Grand Master Valery Prosvirov, we believe that the practice and principles of kung fu can in fact change the world for the better. As a student of our discipline and an instructor-in-training, I have both experienced and witnessed the positive effects of kung fu in my life and the lives of others. This interview series will attempt to allow an objective retrospective view on how our discipline has benefited the lives of our students. We will also discuss potential ways it can help with social, cultural, economic, and philosophical quandaries that vex our nation to this day. Our hope is that by elucidating upon our own students' positive experiences, we can broaden our scope and begin to discuss more far reaching influence with those who are also bastions of positivity in their own communities. Some topics that will be up for discussion are:
  • Health and Wellness -
Can routine practice of martial arts get rid of the need to diet?
How does kung fu transcend the benefits of physical health alone?
Can kung fu training lead to having a healthier mind?
  • Philosophy, Ethics, and Morals
The Warrior's Paradox – Can one advocate for peace while training for combat?
How to fight without fighting
Could the widespread practice of kung fu decrease or eliminate violence?
  • Putting It In Action
What would be effective tools for introducing martial arts into everyday life?
How have you seen martial arts benefit people in both short and long-term?
What are some professions that could benefit from mandatory kung fu training?
  • The Problem Is The Solution
How do the philosophies and principles of kung fu imbue and enforce core values, such as
Justice, integrity, and service to others?
Can kung fu help people become more fiscally responsible?
What are the benefits of teaching children martial arts at an early age?