3rd day of shooting the second movie "Lessons Of Fate" (2014)

3rd day of shooting the second movie "Lessons Of Fate" (2014)

Our final day of shooting took place in the valet garage of the Brentwood Gardens Shopping Center. While they usually boast some of the best high-end fashion shopping in the area, today this marvelous bazaar served as the place where our main character begins his journey toward true dignity. After winning the title fight against the top contender, Dima's character leaves the fight with a swollen ego and the championship belt. Yet even through his haughtiness and rudeness, he can't help but notice when the master finally appears.


For this scene, our camera operators and gaffers got a chance to be extra creative. Not only did Cinematographer Donny Logan get to test his eye composing cool-looking camera shots, the crew was able to borrow a Porsche Cayenne from Ferry, one of the students in the Saturday Qi Gong class. Of course we had to have a champ riding in style, and the Master was no different, driving off in his own jet-black 2014 Dodge Challenger.


Fun facts: the belt Dmitry uses in this scene actually belongs to 11-time World Kick-boxing champion Don “The Dragon” Wilson. A long-time friend of Master Valery's, Wilson recently held seminars at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, and also just finished principle photography on his own film with Cynthia Rothrock, The Martial Arts Kid, which will be in theaters in 2015. Wilson was glad to loan his championship belt, claiming that it was “destiny, since it was just sitting around in my garage anyway.” Maybe in the future we will see Don as a featured character in the series...


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