2nd day of shooting the second movie "Lessons Of Fate" (2014)

2nd day of shooting the second movie "Lessons Of Fate" (2014)

Our first shoot day on Lessons of Fate was all about action – fists flying, hip tosses and back-fists galore. Our second day of shooting in Bel-Air Los Angeles had our talent working just as hard, but this time the film's main hero, Dmitry Prosvirov, got to dabble in an art which was as fun and intriguing for him as it was difficult – acting. This day was a learning experience for all, and gave us a taste of everything that goes into the production process in front of and behind the camera.


For our cast and crew, the most important factor in doing the job right is time management. Which is why associate producer Jeff Silberman was up before the sun gathering the actors and crew to get them to set around 6:30 am. LoF's co-star Zachary Sacks was kind enough to help secure our locations at his lovely home as well as a private park in Bel-Air. On top of his professional bearing and exemplary performance, his help with locations and character work made this 2½ hour shoot fly by without a hitch. Things even held together when a group of deer decided to crash the shoot. While they only stopped by for a brief moment, Jeff wasn't averse to “having them breakfast.”

For Dmitry, this role presented many challenges, both new and familiar. The privilege of sharing screen time with a SAG-AFTRA member allowed him a glimpse of the rigors that go into preparing for and performing in a role. One of the strongest correlations for Dmitry between acting and martial arts is the need for emotional content. He compares the two, saying that in kung fu, much like in acting, “If there is no emotional content, everything is flat and meaningless.” He definitely digs deep while performing this role, displaying both depth and proper emotion in the action sequences as well as the dialogue. The camera operator joked that Dmitry needed a bit more, saying he should've channeled his 'inner Sassy Black woman' to give the moment more zest.


The entire experience was exciting from beginning to end, and we hope the fans of Lessons of Fate have as much fun watching as we had shooting!

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