My teacher, Valery Prosvirov really cares about teaching the art of Kung Fu correctly (2016)

My teacher, Valery Prosvirov really cares about teaching the art of Kung Fu correctly (2016)

The kung fu as a lifestyle.

I will explain my experiences practicing Kung Fu

My name is Claudio Alessandro Izzo and I'm a person who as a child  loved martial arts and Chinese culture. The discipline that kung fu fans show is amazing.

Kung Fu is a very difficult art that requires many years of practice, but  (in my opinion) it's also the most beautiful and useful art.

Kung Fu is not just a martial art where you kick and punch, kung fu is much more than that. It's a lifestyle, and it's the lifestyle that I most recommend. To learn that style, the first thing you should do is stop thinking and let your teacher guide you along the way and the tradition of Kung Fu by having complete confidence in him.

Kung Fu is divided into more than 300 types but all have the same philosophy in common. The end of Kung Fu is to teach self-discipline and self-control.

When I started to do kung fu in the Golden Dragon (12217 Santa Monica Blvd # 207, Los Angeles, CA), the first days were a disaster. I was not able to follow my classmates, but as the weeks went on I felt stronger and stronger. My teacher, Valery Prosvirov really cares about teaching the art of Kung Fu correctly. If you have a question about the food or what are the best exercices to do when you go to the GYM, he likes to use his time to show you.

Kung Fu makes me feel different, not only feel safer, but it also makes me feel at peace with myself.

Every time I've finished a class of Fung Fu felt ​​more and more healthy, fitter and if you combine it with meditation, you will have the perfect combination of physical and mental training that helps you to disconnect and come back with more forces than ever.

Even the Kung Fu is a difficult art, I accept the challenge and I'm going to follow the traditional Chinese culture training every day and in a few years to specialize in the Fung Fu Wu-shu using the Bo Staff, which is the most traditional item used in Kung Fu. It's a long stick with an approximate height of your eyes.

My friends asked me why I do I want to use a Bo Staff, and I told them "I will chose it because the Bo Staff represents me the balance between good and bad ... It serves as a tool to build and as a weapon that deflect the opponent's attack and use them against him and in my opinion, it's the best object that represents the true Fung Fu and I will not stop until I have learned these martial arts.

The go of Kung Fu tradition is to find peace with yourself by training you In physical and mental way that teaches how to control your emotions.

 Kung Fu is difficult to explain in a text, but what I can say is that it gives the spiritual, physical and mental forces that I fully recommend.

I was never quite sure if it would be worth it to learn this art, but then I told myself I can't judge something I do not know, so I decided to sign me in at the Golden Dragon to learn Kung Fu. I was surprised.

The place is very well set in the Chinese tradition and is fully equipped with all types of tools to ensure the best training, accompanied by Valery Prosvirov, a great master of Kung Fu who gives everything to teach correctly.

Although I have only been two months doing Kung Fu, it is remarkable how much i've changed these two last two months. Now I have a different perception of life and I find the life easier than ever.

My advice is try at least for a month. I assure a very good surprise.

As far as I'm concerned, I will continue my path in Kung Fu while still proves meditation and also other arts like Tai Chi, so one day I can start to learn with the Bo Staff.

Claudio Alessandro Izzo