Laurence Kalinsky: "If you are looking for more than the belt - this is the place" (2016)

Laurence Kalinsky: "If you are looking for more than the belt - this is the place" (2016)
  • When looking for a martial arts school it is very easy to be blinded by flashy names, colorful belts, and the promise of learning Bruce Lee moves. It is even more of a challenge to weed through the numerous options available in a city like Los Angeles especially when you have a precocious 5 year old who is taken in by martial arts. But for those of us lucky enough to have been welcomed into the Prosvirov family at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, we surely understand the value of the gem that is hidden on Santa Monica Boulevard just past Bundy. My family and I came to the school looking for an alternative to my daughter's physical therapy in January after searching for a bilingual Russian and English school, and in just two months the progress we have seen has been nothing short of astounding. Unlike in any other school, both my wife and I (I am 40) were able to sign up for lessons as a package with our daughter - turning kung fu into a family activity with the three of us partaking in classes together. It has become the highlight of our week.

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  • Sure it's easy to point to the award-winning teachers Grand Master Valery and his eldest son Dmitriy, whom clearly have the respect of their peers having won the best teachers of Kung Fu and Tai Chi by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, as reasons to train. However, the real value is the family themselves, the kindness, and the multi-cultural atmosphere that is nurtured in the school. As my wife continues to sip tea after class with the family, I can't help but feel a fierce loyalty to them despite knowing them for only two months.

Natalia doing a partner work with Dmitry Prosvirov. They do a Kung Fu class in March 2016.   Lourence3.jpg

  • Truth is I am just honored that they allow me and my family to walk in the door.
  • This is not hyperbole - if you are looking for a martial arts school in Los Angeles, there are 2 types of schools to choose from: The Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, and everyone else.