Natalia Miftakhova - interview (2013)

Natalia Miftakhova - interview (2013)

At Golden Dragon Dmitry Prosvirov was my instructor for four years - a year as a group instructor and then I had three years of personal trainings with him. The reason why it was Dmitry who I asked to train me individually was not because he had already been my instructor for a year but because he was the best teacher and trainer I'd ever had. The best because he accumulates all personal and professional qualities needed for being a kung-fu instructor.

The main thing about Dmitry is that he's right in his place. He loves kung-fu, it's his life and he's really keen to tell the world about this martial art, and not only tell but also show and teach. He's deeply and absolutely convinced that kung-fu as a way to health and healthy lifestyle helps people enjoy better lives and be happier. Having practiced kung-fu for more than four years now, I can say that it is really so. Dmitry has shown me this way by his own example and virtue. When you know that you're doing something very important you become best in your profession. This is just about him.

Dmitry's professional level is very high. At trainings he shows very clearly how to do things and finds simple words for explanations. He very often uses similes to make things clear and you instantly understand how it works. He builds trainings very competently - he always knows how hard the training should be today, bearing in mind my physical condition and he always knows what physical activity and technique to give me, bearing in mind previous training. Actually, as I think, Dmitry has a program which he can moderate according to a certain situations. Also, he gave me written instructions for home practice.
I really admire Dmitry as a kung-fu master. He does things - I mean kung-fu technique - so skillfully, artistically, so even passionately and with vigour that you immediately want to be the same... the like at least. I know that he himself never stops in his own professional and personal development - he has his own training program.
As an instructor Dmitry is very attentive, even to detail, and patient. He can tell you again and again without getting annoyed. He believes in his students, in their potential and he's very encouraging. Not once, when I had difficulties at trainings, I managed them due to his faith in me. He's also a highly responsible person, you could always see him at work, doing his best - watching and helping students, working out training programs, writing articles on the relevant topic. What was really important for me was when he trained me he was always there, he was "present" in every minute of it, he belonged to it. And it wasn't only with me - this is his way with students.
With Dmitry I also went through almost nine month of my second pregnancy. The training program built by Dmitry was very special, fit to my condition and my individuality, which helped me carry a healthy and happy pregnancy.
It's very obvious that developing his mastery in kung-fu and teaching people this art is Dmitry's vocation. I'm really very grateful for what he's given me and I could recommend Dmitry as a very professional and competent kung-fu instructor