The Way Of Kung Fu (2012)

The Way Of Kung Fu (2012)

It would be silly to condemn the modern culture - we will get that which we were hoping to attain. These days, the greatest financial gain is received by those who can come up with the most effective product. Nevertheless effective does not deep in its meaning. For example, roller-coaster rides certainly are fun, but riding them every day can lead to brain damage.

We don’t consider two half-naked men with over-inflated muscles competing in the ability to maim each other to be martial art. The traditional martial arts are much deeper. Martial art - is the overcoming of one’s weaknesses, the battle with self, with shortcomings, and is the way of improvement of self.

Foolish are those who see only the surface for you can not judge the strength by the size of muscle nor can you judge the technique by the effectiveness of methods. The truth is in simplicity.

Kung Fu - not a sport, Kung Fu - is a life path of improvement and excellence.