Song of The Golden Dragon Video Shoot (2016)

Song of The Golden Dragon Video Shoot (2016)
It is said that all of our small accomplishments prepare us for our contribution to even bigger accomplishments. Some might see this as luck, others would declare that this is how fate works. For Grandmaster Valery Prosvirov and his proginees at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, it's simply a matter of all the pieces falling into place.

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This past Sunday we were honored to shoot action sequences for a new video release of Estas Tonne's hit acoustic song, The Song of the Golden Dragon.

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The tune's haunting yet exciting melody coupled with Prosvirov's marvelous choreography, stellar storytelling, and the cinematic perspective of director Donnie Logan bring even more life to this spectacular song (which incidentally was before the Master had even heard of Estas Tonne).

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The video features Dmitry Prosvirov and Bohannon Orr as the Dark Demons, with Grand master. Valery starring as the Dragon Master. The amazing imagery will only serve to add even more views to the 22 million+ views on the video, and show audiences the power of the indomitable Dragon spirit.

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