Andres Award (May.16.2015)

Andres Award (May.16.2015)

From the beginning, I felt that studying traditional Kung Fu was something that would embrace a great part of my life. And now, my life revolves around this without a doubt. Training with Kirill Nesterenkov opened my eyes to see the world and myself in a different way. Priorities change, thus this has been a process of inner change. A process infinitely far away from reaching completion (if there is such a thing), but it fills my life with the search of perfecting myself by the way of Kung Fu. 


Beyond going beyond physical limitations, this process has been the overcoming of mental barriers, which allows to keep going down the path to face new obstacles and challenges. Right now is not about thinking how far I have gotten, because the road is long, but about thinking that I can glance more clearly the path I follow, by myself and with the support of those who teach me, Mainly Kirill, Head Instructor at Golden Dragon Bogota; Valery Prosvirov, Head Master, and Dmitry Prosvirov, his son and a great instructor.

Unmeasurable is the amount of sweat I have spilled on the ground, but in training there is something that makes one want to continue. There is a wish, which has turned almost into a necessity to following this path. And between March and May 2015, this wish has truly made itself useful. In these two months of continuous training in Golden Dragon L.A, along with Head Master, Dmitry and the whole family at the School, I have in some manner formalized this wish both with myself and with Golden Dragon.


I find the education truly impressive. I can imagine it being as the arrival of beams of light among the darkness. Little by little, I can manage to see details of the path ahead, I even find myself taking small steps everyday with the hope of reaching a greater clarity and be able to see not only the path but all its surroundings.

I firmly believe, as I am told every day during training, simplicity is primordial. So, if I am to give few words about the teachings in these two months in L.A, I would have to talk about the importance of the principles. Principles rule in Kung Fu. “I do not fear the man who has thrown ten thousand kicks, I fear the man who has thrown the same kick ten thousand times”, said Bruce Lee very accurately. From this we can notice the attention to quality, to each detail, to listening the body and forget about distractions such as tension or seeking the feeling of power. These are some teaching from Head Master that go far beyond combat technique but that comprehend the totality of life.

I do not desire to give a ridiculous amount of details, since written here would rather have little meaning. But I must say that Kung Fu, from a same root, a same truth, both in Bogota and L.A, have driven me to follow the path.


Now I begin my life as a professional teaching in Golden Dragon Colombia. This is part of my development, this is clear to me. Besides, being completely honest, I love teaching Kung Fu. Kirill has very well put it into words saying hardly one would find any other job where at arrival it feels like a party for oneself. My plans are to continue teaching, training, and getting better every day. Not better than others, but better than myself yesterday, this is what I wish, what I consider necessary.

I intend to be brief and talk about the most important, which is why there is nothing left but to thank everyone at the School, who have welcomed me to the family, truly making the Golden Dragon my home.