Let's go hiking together! Temescal Canyon Trail (May.3.2015)

Let's go hiking together! Temescal Canyon Trail (May.3.2015)

Let's Go Hiking Together.
May 3 @ 8 am.
Challenge Yourself.

Do not sleep on Sunday morning!
So many interesting things to see!!
Temescal Canyon Trail.

So, We Took A Hike...

Everyone was in great spirits on Sunday, May 3rd, for our group hike to the summit of Temescal Canyon. All of the students were energized  with a little extra pep in their step (despite the fact that most of us were awake with the roosters), and we began our hike around 8:30 in the morning. While we all thought the master would be leading the march, Dima and Liza surprised us by taking the front like greased lightning! They were obviously excited about all of the lovely wildlife...


The first leg of the hike found us looking over a chasm filled with lush trees, hidden brooks, and more side trails than we could count or walk. The kids marveled as they shouted into the glade only to be answered by funny-sounding, choppy echoes weaving through the trees and back to our ears. Talk about surround sound!


Once we reached the summit, we were awestruck by a full-circle view of the greater Los Angeles area in all its glory. If the 2.5 mile hike up the mountain face didn't take your breath away, this would definitely do the trick.  We also saw many noteworthy sights and memorials, all that hinted at the old adage that life is too short, and should be spent in the pursuit and spreading of happiness.


Both the kids and adults made sure to keep their footing on the way down the mountain. Taking in all the magnificent nature, fresh air, and fellowship made this 5-mile hike seem like a walk in the park. Be sure to come join us next time!!