Dmitry - Golden Dragon's kung fu instructor

Dmitry - Golden Dragon's kung fu instructor

Dmitry – instructor of external family of kung fu. His life is 80% self training and teaching in groups. Dmitry chose the path of martial arts as a way that not everyone has the ability to pass. Iron discipline and hard training made him a man with the qualities of a true master

At the age of 16 I started taking interest in kung fu and started attending the general training group. Years passed, sometimes training was tedious and boring, almost always difficult and at times the results were almost unnoticeable. Nevertheless, 5 years later I have achieved certain results. Somewhere between the push-ups and implementation of technique, I don’t recall exactly , I got the will to teach professionally. After receiving permission from the head coach I became an instructor.

Nowadays, I am studying philosophy in a university. For me, philosophy and martial arts – are ways for discovering oneself and changing. And I hope that by changing myself, I will be able to help other people who want to find themselves. I believe that everyone should strive for self-control and not forget about the hard work, then the results in any case won’t keep you waiting.

At the moment I'm teaching a mini group of external family and also teach individually.