Hun Gar animals: Dragon

Hun Gar animals: Dragon

Power is nothing, technique is nothing, the main essence is the spirit. Dragon is a state of mind. Dragon is the suppression of enemy by spirit. Dragon never retreats.
He's like a river that never flows backwards, it flows only forward, bypassing everything on its way like water.

Dragon attacks and blocks at all levels and from all sides. Dragon requires perfect coordination and a well trained body. Therefore, the Dragon is not only the most difficult form to learn, but is also the most difficult style of combat. Although, it is the most effective. You must move properly and quickly on your feet in order to quickly change direction and level of your attack. To make the Dragon form you have to step very quickly from one leg to another like you are on hot coals. A fast sweep of the leg with a subsequent aerial spin kick – this is a typical example of a level change. The technical arsenal of the dragon is very, very rich. It includes almost all types of strikes and blocks.
In conclusion, it can be added that Dragon does not have Tiger's hardness, Leopard's spurts, Snake's recoil or Crane's swingings.


Author: Golden Dragon school