Hun Gar animals: Leopard

Hun Gar animals: Leopard

Key word is speed. Leopard plays with its prey, as a cat with its toy. Leopard is not as strong as a tiger, but the absence of hard, powerful strikes allow him to move much faster. Positions are long, but frequently changing. Leopard uses a counterattack, therefore it applies simultaneous block and attack, which is very effective. Levels of strikes, as well as positions, change frequently. 

That is why top level attacks can be rapidly replaced by sweeps, and after that you attack the top or medium level again. Leopard punches with fist, by “eye” of the fist and "leopard paw" - it is not as strong as a fist, but has the advantage of speed and accuracy.  

Leopard 2

   No double punches, but simultaneous punches and kicks are typical. Leopard uses an offensive series of five or six strikes. The series also changes rapidly, you have to dance around the enemy and beat him, the strikes should be fast and strong.

Author: Golden Dragon school