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Art Camacho's Stunt Fighting Workshop (2015)

Art Camacho's Stunt Fighting Workshop

On November 15, 2015, Kung Fu Of Golden Dragon was privileged to welcome Fight choreography and cinema heavyweight Art Camacho As he hosted a stunt fighting workshop for the martial artists in our community. With almost 3 decades of experience under his belt, Camacho left no stone unturned and no punch unthrown while meting out his indispensable knowledge of the way fighting works on film.
II International Kung Fu Seminar in Los Angeles (SEP 07 2015)


Master Valery Prosvirov would like to cordially invite you and yours
to our 2nd Annual International Kung Fu Seminar in Los Angeles, CA!
On September 7, 2015, our second seminar in America begins with
6 full days, 6 hours per day, intense training
Do you have what it takes?
Come have a fun-filled week with our Kung Fu Family!!

September 7 – 12, 2015
Sign up here   Price $ 350
 RSVP via phone (310) 207-5260 or email

Jeff Silberman "Kung Fu and the Fountain of Youth" (09.23.2014)

Golden Dragon student Jeff Silberman sits down to tell about how kung fu has improved his life. One of the school's most promising pupils, Jeff shares his take on self-defense, the differences between various styles, and how kung fu has been for him a "Fountain of Youth".
Music - "Invasion of the Southern Barbarian Pirates" by Noriyuki Asakura

Andrés Salazar Review - "Kung Fu's world vision" (09.22.2014)

The seminar has been one of the hardest things I've ever done, although each day ended with an amazing satisfaction. The techniques and the principles have been a wake up call for me to keep training with greater focus on detail, gaining more and more control.


Bohannon's thought about the international seminar (09.21.2014)

So, Dmitry and Master both told me today that I will be beginning my morning training much earlier than usual at the kwoon for a week while we hold a international seminar for the students from Russia "Moscow" and Colombia "Bogota". I'll finally get to meet the master's other students! How exciting! Not only do I get to fulfill a lifelong dream of living and training at a dojo all Beatrix-Kiddo-Pai-Mei style, but getting the opportunity to train and be in fellowship with other students of our art is almost like being introduced to new family. Simply from what I've seen on Facebook and videos from the other school, they all seem like awesome people. I have no doubt that this next week will change my life for the better.


After dragon fighting seminar
Dragon Fighting Seminar on April 6, 2014.

The Seminar with Don "the Dragon" Wilson who is 11-time World Champion Kickboxer. Don shared his experience in martial arts and kickboxing, explained basic technique of kickboxing and the elements of martial arts which can be used in the real situations of self-defense. At the end of the Seminar there was a Question and Answers session and everyone had chance to ask Don about his fighting or movie experience. We hope the attendees enjoyed the seminar and it enriched their martial arts knowledge.

More information and foto-report you can find here:

Dragon Fighting seminar

Dragon Fighting seminar with Don Wilson, Valery Prosvirov and Alexey Kunin.

Golden Dragon Martial Arts School presents Dragon Fighting Seminar starring Don “The Dragon” Wilson, 11-time World Champion Kickboxer and action movie star.

Weapons Training Seminar

Everyone is welcome to our next event on February 23, 2014 on Sunday at 11am.

The seminar is presented by:

SIFU VALERY PROSVIROV - Master of Traditional Chinese Kung Fu


O-SENSEI ALEXEY KUNIN - Master of Traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu

This informative workshop will demonstrate the beauty of traditional weapons which were used in China and Japan. The attendees will learn how to master the weapons and practice different techniques of Martial Arts.

Fee $65

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