Golden Dragon's Trip to the American Film Market (2015)

Golden Dragon's Trip to the American Film Market (2015)

On November 9th, Headmaster Valery Prosvirov surprised his pupils with a very special treat. After a long day of training, we had the privilege of attending the American Film Market Festival in Venice. We got to see many influential people in the industry, both familiar and new. Everyone from producers, comedic and dramatic actors, models, even stuntmen were in attendance. We even ran into renowned action/martial arts film actor Aki Aleong, who has appeared in numerous films alongside such cinema giants as Jim Carrey, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and the late great David Carradine. He seemed as excited to meet the master as we were to meet him!

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It was thrilling to see all of the independent and mid-market films from all the corners of the world making their premieres this year, especially with the latest script for our school's upcoming film, Lessons of Fate, finally being completed and ready for workshopping. We look forward to attending the next AFM Festival, hopefully with our own movie up for review and release. What a red-letter day!

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