Alex's Gambashidze birthday (2015)

Alex's Gambashidze birthday (2015)
Some kids celebrate their birthdays with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the Transformers, or one of the many pop culture icons that deluge our mainstream media on a daily basis. One of our students, Alex Gambashidze, decided to take another route; his birthday would be celebrated with high kicks, tumble rolls, epic lightsaber battles, and more games than you could shake a katana at.

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He chose to celebrate his special day at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon Martial Arts School with his fellow Dragon Warriors. His reward? A fun-filled day he will not soon forget!

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Alex got to ring in his 10th birthday with all of his training buddies, engaging in such fun activities as King of the Mountain, Mega Tug-Of-War, and movie watching. There was even a piƱata to be busted, which proved a much more difficult task than any of us expected! Afterwards, the kids got to do battle against Dmitry & Bohannon as well as each other in an exciting game of Jedi versus Sith-Saber Battles. Not only did they get to test their fencing and sword fighting skills, they also got a taste of what it means to work as a team to achieve your objective. Nothing like having fun and learning at the same time, right?

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All of our birthday parties to date have been sweeping successes, with our guests of honor ending the day with a beaming smile, happy heart, and a full belly from our many delectable birthday treats, if not also a bit tired from a rigorous workout. If your run-of-the-mill trip to Disneyland or the Go Kart track has become old hat, have us cater your next birthday party or big event here at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon.

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We aim to please, and guarantee you'll have a blast! We're not just professionals in martial arts; were also professionals at having fun!


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