Kung Fu Award Ceremony report (May, 30, 2015)

Kung Fu Award Ceremony report (May, 30, 2015)

In the end of May 2015, Golden Dragon summed up the results of its academic year and proudly awarded its best students. Their hard work and great efforts in learning Martial Arts put them onto the next level and gave them the status of Dragon Warriors. We are so happy that our young warriors continue practicing and making next steps on the great path of Kung Fu. Keep on, guys, - so many adventures wait for you ahead!



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With our 26 new Dragon Warrior students matriculated and ready to kick into the next level of training, Golden Dragon plans on offering even fun and intense training in the coming school year, including Stunt work, acrobatics, and forms, as well as Martial Art Performance for the Camera! We will also be putting emphasis on the scholastic aspect of kung fu, such as philosophy and history of martial arts. Our hope is not simply to create better fighters; we want our students to also become better people. Congratulations again, young Dragons!!