October 11 Golden Dragon is celebrating its anniversary. We are 2 years old now (2014)

October 11 Golden Dragon is celebrating its anniversary. We are 2 years old now (2014)
Golden Dragon's 2-Year Birthday Party!
A Celebration of Life, Family, and the Future

10/11/12. This was the date that Los Angeles saw the Grand Opening of Brentwood's newest premiere martial arts school, Kung Fu of Golden Dragon. The Prosvirov family opened the school with one single-minded intention; to empower and enlighten the community through the teachings of traditional Chinese kung fu. And after two years of doing just that, coupled with numerous awards and mounds of accolades throughout the martial arts world, Master Valery has done far more than introduce people to a new art and way of life; he has helped to forge an extended family that supports one another in our quest toward self-perfection, awareness, and peace. That support and familial spirit was evident this past Saturday, Oct. 11th, when we all got together for our kwoon's 2nd year Birthday Party.


The party's jump-off came at about 11 a.m. when our younger students from the Panda and Tiger classes arrived ready to train and play. The parents, not to be undersold, brought their A-game during the Qi Gong warm-up. After the master shared a few words about kung fu, the school, and how he has seen his school and students grow in just the past year alone, the audience got to watch some awesome demonstrations, including the master's Tai Chi form and a fight scene choreographed by Dmitry Prosvirov and Bohannon Orr. Finally, the celebration winded down with a fun group warm-up, games for kids, and a wonderful cake that bore the national flags from all of our schools' countries! We even had the opportunity to Skype with the students from our Russia and Colombia schools, which was fun even with the time difference. Our Russian school was especially pleased to hear from the Headmaster, since they celebrated their 14th year being open! The overseas event was made complete with a crowd of over 40 students who got to see instructor demonstrations and even hear a few words from Master Valery. Although our Los Angeles school is just now dashing into its running start, our roots have been around the globe for over a decade, and it shows in our quality of work and living.


Over the past two years, Kung Fu of Golden Dragon has earned more reasons to celebrate being around than just simply being around. The Headmaster expects the same dedication from his students that he shows because of how well it reflects upon the family and the school as a whole. Since opening its doors in 2012, Kung Fu of Golden Dragon has been honored two years in a row by the Martial Arts Business Hall of Fame, both Master Valery and his son Dmitry have been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and we have been visited by some of the most revered names in the martial arts and cinema world. Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa, Art Camacho, Cynthia Rothrock, Al Pacino, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, just to name a few, have graced our kwoon with their presence, and each of them left behind and took out what they brought in; incredibly positive energy and heaps of knowledge.

While this is quite a momentous event in our school's history, we recognize that much like the path of Kung Fu, this is only the beginning. 2015 will see many more artistic endeavors, creative projects, and dedicated students come through our doors. Our hard work and focus has paid off up to this point, and we don't intend to stop for breath (we breathe while we go ;) )We are definitely looking forward to the upcoming year and all the surprises it holds. And who knows who we may see at next year's party, right?