Golden Dragon visit the Dragonfest in Los Angeles (18 July 2015)

On July 18th, Dmitry Prosvirov took his student Finnegan to Dragonfest in Burbank, one of the largest annual martial arts conventions in the world. To say it was a star-studded event would be shy of the mark; some of the biggest names in the martial arts world were in attendance, all aiming to have fun and rub elbows while discussing new and future projects.

Kung Fu Award Ceremony report (May, 30, 2015)

In the end of May 2015, Golden Dragon summed up the results of its academic year and proudly awarded its best students. Their hard work and great efforts in learning Martial Arts put them onto the next level and gave them the status of Dragon Warriors. We are so happy that our young warriors continue practicing and making next steps on the great path of Kung Fu. Keep on, guys, - so many adventures wait for you ahead!



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With our 26 new Dragon Warrior students matriculated and ready to kick into the next level of training, Golden Dragon plans on offering even fun and intense training in the coming school year, including Stunt work, acrobatics, and forms, as well as Martial Art Performance for the Camera! We will also be putting emphasis on the scholastic aspect of kung fu, such as philosophy and history of martial arts. Our hope is not simply to create better fighters; we want our students to also become better people. Congratulations again, young Dragons!!



Golden Dragon's Kung Fu Award Ceremony (May, 18, 2015)

It's been an intense and fun Kung Fu year for all of us, and soon we are celebrating with our 1st Annual Awards Ceremony. All students from Pandas to Dragons are welcome and invited!

Our Chief Youth Instructor will be giving awards to our most outstanding students during our Red Carpet presentation event, there will be an awesome lecture by the Master, as well as refreshments and games!

Tai Chi / Kung Fu Lecture and Workshop by Master Valery (May.17.2015)

"The Russian Dragon" Master Valery Prosvirov will be holding a lecture and workshop on May 17, 2015 discussing the history, theoretical basis, and practical application of Chinese Kung Fu and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

Have you ever watched your favorite kung fu flick (Ip Man, Enter the Dragon, Tai Chi Zero) and wondered, "How would that work in real life?" Master Valery has both the wisdom and knowledge to explain not only these, but many other mysteries of the ancient Chinese martial arts.

This 3-hour seminar will cover many interesting and enlightening elements of kung fu, including:

3 Action Movie Summer Camps June 15-19 and July 6-10 and August 3-7 (2015)

This summer camp is for those who want to try themselves in front of the camera. If you have ever dreamed about being an action movie star, this is a right place for you!

We will be filming a movie based on a real story of Ancient China when Shaolin monks helped the Emperor to defend the country from Japanese pirates.

To be able to perform beautiful Kung Fu action in front of the camera, the children will have 4 days of ultimate Kung Fu workouts and 1 day (the last one) of the filming.

Sign up here (June session)     Sign up here (July session)       Sign up here (August session)

Red Carpet Premiere Event - Lessons of Fate (February.21.2015)

February 21st was the celebration of the Chinese New Year for 2015. And here at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, we brought in the new year in proper form with the Red Carpet Premiere release of our second short film in the Lessons of Fate series, Dignity. This installment, written and directed by Valery Prosvirov, focuses on our hero's personal journey toward understanding of what it means to be truly victorious. With the event's marvelous turnout, one could say we were all winners this evening. Students, stars, and friends old and new stopped by for this momentous occasion, and we couldn't have had a more wonderful time!


Red Carpet Event (February.21.2015)


Executive Producer Jeff Silberman
The Gold Stanley, LLC present
A short film by
Master Valery Prosvirov

Lessons of Fate 2 – Dignity

A Story of One Fighter's Journey to Discover
the True Meaning of Victory


Dmitry Prosvirov
Valery Prosvirov
Zachary H. Sacks
Bohannon Orr
You are invited to our First Screening!
Saturday, February 21, 2015 6:00 p.m.
Red Carpet Event! Evening/Black Tie Attire
Come share a Fate-ful night with
Kung Fu of Gold Dragon

Winter camp "Be A Kung Fu star" (12.30.2014)

T'was the season for Kung Fu Fun! Here is a video compilation of our Kung Fu Winter Camp on December 22-23rd in Los Angeles. To say we had a great time would an understatement! The kids were excited to be so involved, and they ran the gamut on everything from relay races to training to fight choreography. We even had a guest appearance by Christmas' favorite malcontent, The Grinch (whohelped the kids get in shape). Be sure to join us next Holiday season for even more high-kicking yuletide festivities!!!