Winter Camp (2015)
This past holiday season, the world rested on its laurels with bated breath as Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in theaters. Here at Golden Dragon, we paid homage to one of the most popular film franchises in history the best way we knew how: we held our annual Winter Camp in full Star Wars theme.


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This year marked Kung Fu Golden Dragon's first Christmas party at our new location on Santa Monica Boulevard! On December 19, 2015, we celebrated another year of family, fun, and growth in the martial arts as we held our third annual Kung Fu Christmas party!

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Golden Dragon's Trip to the American Film Market (2015)

On November 9th, Headmaster Valery Prosvirov surprised his pupils with a very special treat. After a long day of training, we had the privilege of attending the American Film Market Festival in Venice. We got to see many influential people in the industry, both familiar and new. Everyone from producers, comedic and dramatic actors, models, even stuntmen were in attendance. We even ran into renowned action/martial arts film actor Aki Aleong, who has appeared in numerous films alongside such cinema giants as Jim Carrey, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and the late great David Carradine. He seemed as excited to meet the master as we were to meet him!

Alex's Gambashidze birthday (2015)
Some kids celebrate their birthdays with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the Transformers, or one of the many pop culture icons that deluge our mainstream media on a daily basis. One of our students, Alex Gambashidze, decided to take another route; his birthday would be celebrated with high kicks, tumble rolls, epic lightsaber battles, and more games than you could shake a katana at.

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Kung Fu of Golden Dragon Grand Opening Event (2015)
A wise man once said, “a house is only four walls and a roof until you make it a home.” We proved this adage to be very true when Golden Dragon relocated from San Vicente Blvd., nestled in the quiet heart of Brentwood, to Santa Monica Blvd., our bustling new dojo right on the eyes and ears of West LA!

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2015 saw Golden Dragon host its first Action Movie Summer Camp at our former location on San Vicente. This week-long worshop was as much fun for the instructors as it was for the kids. Aside from intensive martial arts training, the students were introduced to the basics of acting for the camera, fight choreography, and script workshopping. Our Final Project, Once Upon a Time in China, was a sweeping success. The young actors' talent shone through as we explored a fun yet thoughtful story adapted by Master Valery Prosvirov. This will be just one of the many works released through The Gold Stanley LLC in the next few years. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed creating this film.

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