Star Wars Summer Camp. Week 2 (2016)

Star Wars Summer Camp. Week 2 (2016)
Kung Fu of Golden Dragon's second week of Star Wars Summer Camp was just as awesome as the first, if not more in some ways! While the first week was focused on filming a part of our sendup series, Star Wars: The Dark Chronicles, this week was all about using the skills we learned so far for FUN!

Between days when we were training lightsaber drills, the students got to choreograph their very own saber battles! Two of our star pupils, were excited for the opportunity to use their sequence in the short comic spoof we shot later in the week. Tristan and Karin Keyser also received pointers on stage combat from the older padawans!

The fun and hard work all led up to two big events – the shooting of our WWE/Star Wars spoof, Sith Battledome, and the Beta run of our group game, Jedi vs. Sith: Holocron Hunter. The saber-masters-in-training were super stoked about the video shoot and acting games, which let the kids learn about Meisner Method acting, stage make-up, and stage combat. The kids had fun doing each other's make-up and designing their own costumes. JvS:HH was the icing on the cake, in which our students tested their skills of stealth, speed, guile, teamwork, and (of course) their skills with the blade!

As instructors, we look forward to the camps as much as the kids because it gives us a chance to teach the principles of Kung Fu and the basic elements of acting through a medium which they know and love. We can't wait for the families to see the finished product, and we certainly can't wait for the camp! May the Force be with us all!