Star Wars Force Camp Video Premiere (2016)

Star Wars Force Camp Video Premiere (2016)

Episode 4: The Living Force

During the summer of 2016, Kung Fu of Golden Dragon held a 3-week Star-Wars-themed course for the Tiger and Dragon students where they learned basic camera acting, fight choreography, and kung fu techniques. They worked hard, they played even harder, and they gave their best effort for the silver screen. The result – we completed the first installment of our fanfiction send-up, The Dark
Chronicles: A Star Wars Tale. Each of our young actors brought their character to life and helped to light up the story!

Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy23.jpg   Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy25.jpg

This installment, Ep. 4: The Living Force finds Xiatina and Regj protecting the other padawans and the school from siege by Shuma the Red, a Sith acolyte with a vendetta to settle, and Na'ir Bruntai, a former Jedi who has been seduced by the Dark Side. They have come to the Jedi Training Temple with one intention in mind – abduct Kwi Naru to draw him down the Dark Path as well, and cut down anyone who stands in their way. Can the young Jedi-in-training be able to stop the ruthless assault and help Val-Sei keep Naru safe? Or will he ultimately fall victim to his own fears and join the enemy?

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The kids loved both training for and filming this episode, as well as giving creative input for the costumes, story, and even the next episode, which we hope to begin producing in December. We will try to make Episode Five even more interesting and hope you enjoy our present work.