Star Wars Force Camp Academy (2016)

Star Wars Force Camp Academy (2016)
  • Looking for a fun and awesome way for the kids to spend Spring Break? The Force is strong here! Sign up today for our Star Wars Force Camp Academy, and learn the ways of the Jedi, the Sith, and much much more!


  • On March 21-25 from 9 am – 3pm, our students will train in kung fu, Star-Wars style. We will have meditation, lectures, and canon Star Wars history lessons, as well as group discussions on how the Force is like Kung Fu. We'll be capping the learning off at the end of the week with a trivia contest, with prize giveaways to the winners!


  • And of course, no Force Camp would be complete without – LIGHTSABER TRAINING! We will teach the students the basic techniques of saber fighting from all seven forms, principles of stage combat, and help them choreograph a fight sequence of their own! This, along with acting training, will prepare the students for filming a future Fan Film Project with Kung Fu of Golden Dragon's Action Theater!


  • To wrap up the week, we will hold an excursion to [insert location here] for the final test of their new Force skills: Jedi vs. Sith – Holocron Hunter. Only one team can win, and they can only win as a team. Mandatory, awareness is. Work together to prevail, they must. Which side will win? Sign up today to find out, and may the Force be with you!