Roots of Kung Fu

Roots of Kung Fu

Roots of Kung Fu go well into the time immemorial. The earliest traces can be found, perhaps even in the primitive era. And it is quite certain that during the Zhou Dynasty (XI - III centuries. BC) in China, in addition to ritual combat dances, existed jiaoli [a kind of wrestling], which, along with archery and the art of chariot riding, was a major part of the general military exercises.

Wise commanders understood that martial arts could become the key to building a strong and efficient army and began teaching their soldiers the effective methods. Centuries went by, and "martial arts" has firmly taken its place in preparation of soldiers for military services.

Starting with III century AD, Taoism, and later Buddhism increase their influence on the development of the martial arts. Martial arts reached their dawn among the walls of monasteries and temples. Psycho and psycho-physical methods of self-regulation, which are essential attributes of both Taoism and Buddhism, have greatly expanded and enriched the martial arts .. It is exactly at this time that the fruitful alliance between martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine is formed. Under the influence of this alliance, more and more styles and schools created. But the main source of martial arts was a rich experience of the people who cherished the traditions and passeed them on from generation to generation.

Now the world of martial arts houses hundreds of schools not similar to one another. Such a variety of styles -is the result of a long history of martial arts and a consequence of a wide dispersal along the boundless expanses of the Celestial Kingdom.