About the school


The Golden Dragon is a School of Chinese Martial Arts.
We provide authentic, traditional training in Kung Fu.
We have been located in Los Angeles since 2012, and in Moscow since 2000.

Classes are held six days per week.


About the school

We are not a sports organization, we are a martial arts school – for that reason we have no upper limit on age restrictions. It doesn’t matter if you’re 30, 40, 60 or 100 years of age, it’s never too late to set foot on the path of self-improvement. Even an hour before death, it's still never too late to demand most out of life!

Golden Dragon school does not have a fixed method of teaching! It is not possible to obtain mastery in 12 easy lessons. Three months, 30 days, 10 minutes – all those are short-lasting workouts that can only yield short-lasting results. We have a different approach, which is a time-consuming process of continuous self-improvement throughout the entire life - that's our way. Of course it’s more difficult then, let’s say, training 10 minutes a day for three weeks getting ready for the beach season. But, it’s definitely worth it. As a result of this endless process, you’ll obtain a completely different life. A life – replete, with no place for unresolved problems, where your abilities determine your success, that’ll always be near. Not a bad prospect, is it?

Golden Dragon doesn’t endorse insignia (belts, degrees of skill, etc.) - in this sense we are not an ordinary modern school, instead we tend to follow ancient traditions - when the sole criteria for assessment was the Presence of Mastery!

Be resolute in the desire to change your live for the better. The ancient wisdom states - "The World belongs to the patient ones" - so please be patient and diligent and we will help you uncover all of your abilities.