About the School


The Golden Dragon is a School of Chinese Martial Arts.
We provide authentic, traditional training in Kung Fu.
We have been located in Los Angeles since 2012.

Classes are held six days per week.



About the School

The Golden Dragon is led by Grandmaster Valery Prosvirov. Valery’s skill, physical ability, and endurance is the stuff of legend. Self-perfection is the path of every serious Martial Artist. Valery has spent 40 years working and walking this path.

Every instructor at the Golden Dragon has been personally trained by Valery. To become an instructor, a person has to prove capable of Valery’s exacting standards for professionalism. This demands years of serious training. For this reason, the quality of our school is second-to-none.

Classes at the Golden Dragon are challenging, both physically and mentally. Our physical training is thorough and complete. Attention must be payed to every detail. If you train seriously, you should expect to be in the best shape of your life. You should expect to have real skills that you can use in real situations. You should expect to have physical abilities that you never thought possible. You should expect to feel and experience your body in exciting new ways. 

Classes at the Golden Dragon are hard work, but it is also smart work. Everything we do has a purpose. The time you spend in our classes will reward you with vastly improved health and quality of life.

The Golden Dragon does not have a fixed method of teaching. Every person is taught in the most effective way for that particular individual. It is not possible to obtain mastery in 12 easy lessons. Good health and physical condition demands time and consistency. “Self-perfection” is the process of improving yourself for a lifetime. Every new day requires good work. Every new day will be your best. This process will last the entire course of your life. It will offer you endless intrigue and fulfillment. This is our way. 

Golden Dragon doesn’t endorse insignia (belts, degrees of skill, etc.). In this sense, we are not an ordinary modern school. We tend to follow ancient traditions: the sole criteria for assessment is the demonstration of skill, and the presence of mastery.

Be resolute in your desire to change your life for the better. Ancient wisdom states: "The World belongs to the patient", so please be patient and diligent. We cannot do the work for you, but we will work with you, and we will help you uncover all of your abilities.

All are welcome. Most are interested. Some are willing to do the work.