Dmitry Fimin

Dmitry Fimin

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I started to study martial arts from 8 years old - Karate-Do and Kyokushin Karate. I learned it 5 years and participation in the competitions were successful.

My trainings began in Golden Dragon in 2009. Trainings were difficult but the joy of overcoming their own weaknesses and the way my body was becoming stronger and stronger pushed to go forward. Increasingly, we visited the thought of having to dedicate my life to this wonderful art, to improve myself and was happy to share my experiences and knowledge with others.

I think it is very important to go on own way, only then can we be truly happy man. Art - is a manifestation of the soul, so no matter what your age or physical condition, bring you this manifestation, in this case, with the help of martial arts. This make is never too late.