Kirill Nesterenkov

The Colombian branch head Instructor
Kirill Nesterenkov

Kirill Nesterenkov started his martial arts training in"The Golden Dragon" school in 2003, he trained simultaneously in External (Hung Gar) and Internal (Tai Chi Chuan Yan) systems of traditional Kung Fu.

Kirill started his training as a professional instructor in 2007, in this year he also began to aid Valery Prosvirov in his teaching in mini groups. In 2008 he received from Valery Prosvirov a permit for professional teaching of Internal and External Family styles. He also took part in Kung Fu seminars of "The Golden Dragon" school.

From 2008 Nesterenkov Kirill lives in Vienna Austria giving lessons of Tai Chi Chuan Yan and Hung Gar styles.

Contact information: Colombian code: +57 telephone: (301) 494-2386