Dmitry Galkin

Dmitry Galkin

Born on September 23 1971, in suburbs of Moscow. First contact with martial arts was in childhood – studied in judo section. Wanted to learn how to protect myself and my friends. In judo I achieved first success on a way of martial arts – won first places in championships and was in Moscow judo team. However, I had to leave classes due to illness.

Studied table tennis for about a year, which helped develop reaction and speed. In 8th grade tried to practice boxing, but realize that it was not my way.

Since 1989 began to studying Taekwondo WTF. In 1991 took third place in the Russian championship, was in the Moscow team, and later in Russian National team. Was in the training camps abroad.

In 1994 retired and started to study a melee fight Systema Kadochnikova.

In 2002 met Valery Prosvirov and since then has been practicing kung fu in the school of traditional Chinese martial arts "Golden Dragon".

At present time, host the main group of internal family of kung fu, along with that, host individual training sessions.