Anton Kalenkevich

Rehabilitation Physician
Anton Kalenkevich

1999-2002 - Medical School.
2001-2002 - Courses of general and therapeutic massage.
2002-2003 - Work in intensive care in city clinical hospital №79.
2004-2005 - A course of rehabilitation massage.
2011 - A doctor. Graduated RSMU class of 2011.

Each of us wants to live happy, but this is no easy task, because you need each day to pay due attention to your body: eat right, to lead a healthy lifestyle, strengthen your body. After all, it is no secret that the movement - is a life! But in the modern world, the shortage of time, chronic fatigue nullify all our good beginnings. We need for a relaxation, distraction from the daily hustle and bustle and endless stress.

The most enjoyable way to pay attention to your body - this massage. You have come to relax, and then everything will make a qualified massage therapist. For example, a head massage relaxes the body, relieves the brain from violent thoughts and emotions.

Positive emotions have a positive impact on the functioning of our organs, according to Eastern medicine in humans there are 7 emotions. For example, the fear damage the kidneys, the liver accumulates anger, sadness - in the lungs, etc. Massage promotes balance of the emotional sphere and as a consequence - improves the function of internal organs. And if the internal organs and systems are working properly, the body ceases to ache, chronic fatigue disappears, life appears more joyful and happy moments - it's prolong life and improves its quality. And we will live happily ever after!

I'm practice chinese massage, diagnosis and leading individual wellness sessions.