Prosvirov Valery Interview on Radio Shanson USA - RUS (May, 24, 2015)

Grand Master Prosvirov Valery Interview on Radio Shanson USA - Part 1 - Russian language

Part 2

Andres Award (May.16.2015)

From a beginning, I felt that studying traditional Kung Fu was something that would embrace great part of my life. And now, my life revolts around this without a doubt. Training with Kirill Nesterenkov opened my eyes to see the world and myself in a different way. Priorities change, thus this has been a process of inner change. A process infinitely far away from reaching completion (if there is such a thing), but it fills my life with the search of perfecting myself by the way of Kung Fu. 


Let's go hiking together! Temescal Canyon Trail (May.3.2015)

Let's Go Hiking Together.
May 3 @ 8 am.
Challenge Yourself.

Do not sleep on Sunday morning!
So many interesting things to see!!
Temescal Canyon Trail.

So, We Took A Hike...

Shihan Allen Woodman's Visit to Golden Dragon (March.22.2015)

On March 22nd, our school was honored to receive a special guest who is well-renowned in the martial arts world. Sensei Allen Woodman, who has more than 40 years of martial arts training in numerous styles such as Kyokushin and Wing Chun (including direct tutelage under the late great Sosai Mas Oyama and Yip Chun, son of Yip Man), stopped by the school to commiserate with Master Valery and show some cool techniques to some of his esteemed pupils.

4th Day Post Production of the second movie "Lessons Of Fate" (2014)
  • This marked the final day of production for our second film in the Lessons of Fate series, and although it was less physical than the rest of the process, everyone was introduced to a new, equally difficult part of the process – POST-PRODUCTION! A lot goes into a film making it off of the cutting room floor, including audio and video editing. One of the steps that we worked on today was audio recording with Dmitry and Jeff.

  • Audio recording is done during post-production in order to make sure that all of the dialogue and video match. Otherwise, the lip-sync might make the film look like an old 70's style kung-fu Shaw-Brothers feature (we didn't want to go that direction just yet). Jeff Silberman had his work cut out for him as the Narrator. While he didn't have to match audio to video, the numerous lines and different intentions in each scene made it a challenge worth accepting.
  • The heavy gusto was placed on the shoulders of Dima, who had to make sure not only that his English was intact, but that it matched what he was saying on the screen. Each dialogue took three, five, up to eight times, and some took even more! With such a pressing task, Dmitry met and excelled past expectations to help make our film professional and remarkable!
  • The next installment promises to have even more dialogue, action, and excitement, as well as a pertinent and uplifting message. Here's hoping you enjoy all of our hard work!
3rd day of shooting the second movie "Lessons Of Fate" (2014)

Our final day of shooting took place in the valet garage of the Brentwood Gardens Shopping Center. While they usually boast some of the best high-end fashion shopping in the area, today this marvelous bazaar served as the place where our main character begins his journey toward true dignity. After winning the title fight against the top contender, Dima's character leaves the fight with a swollen ego and the championship belt. Yet even through his haughtiness and rudeness, he can't help but notice when the master finally appears.


2nd day of shooting the second movie "Lessons Of Fate" (2014)

Our first shoot day on Lessons of Fate was all about action – fists flying, hip tosses and back-fists galore. Our second day of shooting in Bel-Air Los Angeles had our talent working just as hard, but this time the film's main hero, Dmitry Prosvirov, got to dabble in an art which was as fun and intriguing for him as it was difficult – acting. This day was a learning experience for all, and gave us a taste of everything that goes into the production process in front of and behind the camera.