Prosvirov Valery Interview on Radio Shanson USA - RUS (May, 24, 2015)

Grand Master Prosvirov Valery Interview on Radio Shanson USA - Part 1 - Russian language

Part 2

Andres Award (May.16.2015)

From a beginning, I felt that studying traditional Kung Fu was something that would embrace great part of my life. And now, my life revolts around this without a doubt. Training with Kirill Nesterenkov opened my eyes to see the world and myself in a different way. Priorities change, thus this has been a process of inner change. A process infinitely far away from reaching completion (if there is such a thing), but it fills my life with the search of perfecting myself by the way of Kung Fu. 


Let's go hiking together! Temescal Canyon Trail (May.3.2015)

Let's Go Hiking Together.
May 3 @ 8 am.
Challenge Yourself.

Do not sleep on Sunday morning!
So many interesting things to see!!
Temescal Canyon Trail.

So, We Took A Hike...

Shihan Allen Woodman's Visit to Golden Dragon (March.22.2015)

On March 22nd, our school was honored to receive a special guest who is well-renowned in the martial arts world. Sensei Allen Woodman, who has more than 40 years of martial arts training in numerous styles such as Kyokushin and Wing Chun (including direct tutelage under the late great Sosai Mas Oyama and Yip Chun, son of Yip Man), stopped by the school to commiserate with Master Valery and show some cool techniques to some of his esteemed pupils.

Preparing for the second movie "Lessons Of Fate" (2014)

Preliminary fight choreography for Lessons Of Fate starring Dmitry Prosvirov and Bohannon Orr. The upcoming second chapter, directed and choreographed by Valery Prosvirov, promises just as much enlightenment as action!

The White Dragon Meets The Russian Dragon (2014)

Today Basil Masters, the White Dragon, stopped by the school for a visit - and on all days, our 2nd year Birthday Party! Master Valery was honored to show his awesome acquaintance the lay of the land, as well as some lightning-fast moves on the Wooden Man and the renowned - and dreaded - Two Finger Push Ups!! The two were happy to celebrate this momentous event together after their first meeting almost a year ago at the Martial Arts Hall of Fame...

Basil and Master Valery are excited to be working together, and are looking forward to pushing through numerous creative projects soon. Aside from upcoming sizzle shorts, their next project, Lessons of Fate, will be filled with action and wisdom, and will also usher in more opportunities for Golden Dragon's new Action Theater class! Stop by, and don't miss out!

The gift for our Instructor Ibraimov Diamond, from Don "The Dragon" Wilson (August 24, 2014)

Finally received that gift :)

And here a couple of warm words for Diamond from the Don "The Dragon" Wilson: "Thanks for your support Almaz!  You are probably the only person in Moscow with my personal Dragon Traditionz shirt. Thanks for your support and keep on KICKING."