More about qigong



More about qigong

Chi Gong became an independent discipline not so long ago. Originally, it was created as a part of martial arts. Chi Gong has been developing and existing for thousands years for soldiers training in the army. Regular Chi Gong practice brings balance into your body and gives you strong health. And strength and endurance are the “side effects” of the Chi Gong.

But Chi Gong focuses not only on the physical body; Chi Gong practitioners become healthier spiritually as well. There is another definition of Chinese Chi Gong reflecting its essence: "Chi Gong is an effort of the will, expressed in the external action." Not the body determines how you move but your will. Primarily Qigong is training of the will. If you can train the body a few times a week, your willpower must be trained every day. These workouts combine spirit, mind and body and make the person whole.

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