Martial arts



Sword Jian

In China the Jian Sword symbolizes high skills, as its mastery is incredibly difficult. This weapon is for real professionals, its thin design requires much attention and leads to motions that are very elegant, fast, and lightning-like. That is why the sword Jian was held at a higher level in the hierarchy of weapons.

Hun Gar animals: Dragon

Power is nothing, technique is nothing, the main essence is the spirit. Dragon is a state of mind. Dragon is the suppression of enemy by spirit. Dragon never retreats.
He's like a river that never flows backwards, it flows only forward, bypassing everything on its way like water.

Hun Gar animals: Crane

In the form of Crane there are a lot of kicks by the upper level and in the jump. High kicks are very energy-intensive, so the main quality of this animal is endurance. All movements must be executed with a wide amplitude. Strikes are done with the outer and inner edges of the palm, with the fingers, with crane's "wing", only single punches can be done with the fist. Strikes are circular, like the flapping of wings – cutting and ripping, open and straight.

Hun Gar animals: Snake

Have you seen the Animal planet TV shows? Do you remember how snake bites its prey quickly and accurately? How it moves forward by evading movements? Snake utilizes precision and flexibility. Therefore, its strikes are precise, but not powerful. This is about punches and kicks. All strikes should be light and quick, they can be single or used in a series.

Hun Gar animals: Leopard

Key word is speed. Leopard plays with its prey, as a cat with its toy. Leopard is not as strong as a tiger, but the absence of hard, powerful strikes allow him to move much faster. Positions are long, but frequently changing. Leopard uses a counterattack, therefore it applies simultaneous block and attack, which is very effective. Levels of strikes, as well as positions, change frequently. 

That is why top level attacks can be rapidly replaced by sweeps, and after that you attack the top or medium level again. Leopard punches with fist, by “eye” of the fist and "leopard paw" - it is not as strong as a fist, but has the advantage of speed and accuracy.

Transforming to the beast

Hung Gar animal forms are not individual styles or sub-styles. These are short combinations that add emotion to your way of fighting. A Warrior chooses an animal according to his own psycho-physical qualities. If you have fast and light legs, then the Crane form is what you need. If you have great physical condition, then you have to fight as a “tiger”.

Hun Gar animals: Tiger

Have you seen tiger's hunt? It creeps and then attacks its prey stabing claws in it. You should do the same with your adversary. Tiger is characterized by sharp hits and powerful attacks, because the tiger represents the strength. By the way in China the tiger, and not the lion, is the king of beasts. Using short movements in low stands tiger at first makes offensive hit to break through the defense, and then applies a series of two or three strikes for the final victory. 

Instructor of austrian branch of Golden Dragon's kungfu school

Golden Dragon School opened a branch in Vienna, Austria. Instructor of the branch - Kirill Nesterenko trained at our school for over 5 years. He received training in internal and external direction and was granted the permission to teach martial arts.
Chinesse Kung Fu (Internal technique of Kung Fu)

Internal family of Chinese martial arts, especially Tai Chi Chuan, is greatly discredited, thanks to charlatans and to illiterates . The main feature of the study of Tai Chi Chuan – are slow and gentle movements which have become the basis of calling Tai Chi Chuan a gymnastics all the while spreading false theories about the uses of “QI” energy. In fact, Tai Chi - a martial art and a way of self-defense, built on the principles of defense, not attack.
Dmitry - Golden Dragon's kung fu instructor
Dmitry – instructor of external family of kung fu. His life is 80% self training and teaching in groups. Dmitry chose the path of martial arts as a way that not everyone has the ability to pass. Iron discipline and hard training made him a man with the qualities of a true master