Preparing for the winter camp "Be A Kung Fu star" (2014)

Be A Kung Fu Star!

2-day mini camp: $89 per day

(Bring a friend and get $20 Discount!)

Dates: December 22&23 (Monday and Tuesday)

Camp Hours: 9 am - 3 pm

Location: 11677 San Vicente Blvd, LA 90049

Ages: Girls & Boys 6-12 years

We can do PRIVATE Winter Camp for you and your friends. If you have group of 5-10 kids just call us and book your time (December 24,26,27)

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T'was the season for Kung Fu Fun! Here is a video compilation of our Kung Fu Winter Camp on December 22-23rd in Los Angeles. To say we had a great time would an understatement! The kids were excited to be so involved, and they ran the gamut on everything from relay races to training to fight choreography. We even had a guest appearance by Christmas' favorite malcontent, The Grinch (whohelped the kids get in shape). Be sure to join us next Holiday season for even more high-kicking yuletide festivities!!!

Preparing for Halloween (2014)

This past October 31 marked Kung Fu of Golden Dragon's 1st Annual Kung Fu Terror Training. It was a hauntingly fun time for all the students! The festivities ranged from sharing treat bags and dressing in our favorite costumes to techniques and weapons drills (with the Reaper's Scythe of course). We look forward to even more fun and more family next year! Save the date... the next party will be TO DIE FOR!!!

October 11 Golden Dragon is celebrating its anniversary. We are 2 years old now (2014)
Golden Dragon's 2-Year Birthday Party!
A Celebration of Life, Family, and the Future

10/11/12. This was the date that Los Angeles saw the Grand Opening of Brentwood's newest premiere martial arts school, Kung Fu of Golden Dragon. The Prosvirov family opened the school with one single-minded intention; to empower and enlighten the community through the teachings of traditional Chinese kung fu. And after two years of doing just that, coupled with numerous awards and mounds of accolades throughout the martial arts world, Master Valery has done far more than introduce people to a new art and way of life; he has helped to forge an extended family that supports one another in our quest toward self-perfection, awareness, and peace. That support and familial spirit was evident this past Saturday, Oct. 11th, when we all got together for our kwoon's 2nd year Birthday Party.

Kung Fu Summer Camp "Once upon a time in China" (August 08, 2014)

The Action Movie Summer Camp at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon Martial Arts school was great!

Conference in Bogota (Colombia) "Traditional and sports Kung Fu. Chinese Kung Fu styles and basic technics" (May 24, 2014)

Saturday, May 24, at 5.00 pm our Colombian branch “El Dragón Dorado Bogotá” will hold a lecture:

“Traditional and Sports Kung Fu. Chinese Kung Fu styles and basic techniques"

We will be brewing delicious Chinese tea and will be glad to see all of you there.

Our address is: Bogotá calle 70 #9-41.
Conference in Bogota (Colombia) "Kung Fu the art of life" (March 29, 2014)

We are proud to announce that the Saturday 29 of March at 10.30 am, our branch in Bogota (Colombia) "El Dragón Dorado" will present the conference "Kung Fu the art of life". We also have prepared the small martial arts presentation. Everybody is invited to have a cup of Chinese tea. Our address is Bogotá calle 70 #9-41 "Casa Rústica de Bogotá".

Report about family event - competitions (March 01, 2014)
Kung Fu of Golden Dragon's Children's Event (March 1, 2014)

With Dmitry out of commission and the kung fu menace Lu Shian overseeing the challenge, the young tigers had to step up and prove their worth. And prove it they did! The kids completed mental tasks, teamwork drills, and relay races all to show that they have what it takes to become kung fu warriors. They went all in on every event, from sack racing and cartwheels to crab-walking with medicine balls. And while most of them were small in stature, they all showed the wills of titans!

The parents were not to be showed up, though. Aside from learning new Chinese characters and Tai Chi stances, they also got to play Musical Chairs. At the end of the challenge, the Factor family emerged victorious and received the antidote and scroll as their reward. Thanks to everyone's effort, Lu Shian's plans were foiled and the school was safe again! We will be training even more Dragon warriors for years to come!

Report about family event - warmup (March 01, 2014)

The second part of our fun-filled Family Day had everyone involved, working with exercises, drills and combos. Students from ages 3 to 83 got to work together as Dmitry led the group through punches, kicks, and blocks in preparation to mold new Dragon warriors. However, Dima and his students had their hands full upon the appearance of the kung fu menace Lu Shian (played by Bohannon Orr), who nefariously poisons Dmitry and takes away his kung fu abilities! Lu Shian's foul plans might just follow through, which would mean doom for the Golden Dragons. But in the spirit of true martial arts, the students did not give up and they did not give in. After a direct challenge from Lu Shian, Dmitry calls for the help of his newest Dragon Warriors to rise to the challenge and save himself and the school! Can our young disciples stop this new menace and save the day? Do they have what it takes to become Dragon Warriors? Stay tuned for the next installment and find out!

Report about family event - performance (March 01, 2014)

Kung Fu of Golden Dragon's Children's Event in Los Angeles, CA. The kids got to enjoy some great kung fu demos, including a Dragon form performance by Master Valery and Tiger form by Head Instructor Dmitry Prosvirov. The students got a good glimpse of everything their coming training will have to offer. Along with Hung Gar and Tai Chi with both chief instructors and Bairta Prosvirova, the children were introduced to fight choreography with Dmitry's partner work demonstration with Assistant Instructor Bohannon Orr. Suchan awesome, fun event - and it's just the beginning!