The Path to Great Potential Opens Up during Childhood



The Path to Great Potential Opens Up during Childhood

Every child is different: they can be quiet or restless, serious or playful, creative or funny, but one thing all children have in common: they all have a lot of energy. Part of our role as parents is to channel this energy in the right direction, discover our child's talents and help them achieve their best. It’s not an easy task but we are willing and able to help you on this journey. Here we explain how we do it.

Golden Dragon is a martial arts school, not a competitive sports organization. Our priorities are improving the health and expanding the capabilities of a each student. For five thousand years, those who have practiced Chinese Kung Fu have had phenomenal results, not just in health, but in their overall self-development.

Kung Fu offers more than techniques of winning over an adversary, it is also a unique way to conquer your weaknesses.

Oriental wisdom states: “He who has defeated many enemies is not worthy, but he who has defeated himself is truly worthy.”

Children's classes at Golden Dragon use adapted martial arts techniques presented into a strict physiological sequence, designed to build all-around development, not just specific combat skills. Coordination, flexibility, strength and speed are integrated into our training program to help increase the stamina of each child.

Our approach strengthens the overall health of each child and equips them with skills in martial arts.

These skills are the key that will help children open the door to their great potential. Children need a solid foundation for their talents and potential to grow. Ensure your child’s health, and their success will follow.