Being Yourself



Being Yourself

Hey! How are you?

Not so good?

They're “bugging” you at school again, friends making fun of you, other boys bullying you? When you ask “What do I do”? When is this going to end? You keep on getting the same answers : “Wait till you get older...” or “ It's going to be ok, be patient...”

So you wait, and wait some more.

And then trying to run away from reality, you come to a big dresser, packed with comic books and superhero movies, and submerge in to the unreal world. Spiderman, Captain America, Ninja Turtles, Batman, Wolverine, Superman... They are so awesome! Only one little radioactive spider bite or a just a bit of cryptonite and you are strong, brave, everyone admires you, respects and even fears you.

But if you get to the bottom of it, what have these superheroes done to become such? Nothing. They got all their abilities by an accident, not doing anything in order to change. But if that is the case, do you still think we can consider them real? Not a chance. The wise people said that you shouldn't wait till the world around you will change, you need to change yourself.

Take the first step.

Get up a little earlier, do a warm up, do a set or two of pushups, do at least 20 squats, do some sit ups. Of course it will be difficult at first. The weak and constantly getting sick in his childhood Bruce Lee became a great master of Kung Fu and has attained great success in movies.

So did Huo Yuan Jia, who suffered from asthma, known to us from the film “ Fearless”. Arnold Schwarzenegger spent about 2 hours each day at the gym.

There are many examples like these among the celebrities. All of them are united by one feature. These people were not afraid of face themselves and their weaknesses. This is what has made them great. Start with yourself. And very soon you will see how the quality of your life will change for the better. Success in studying, ease of communication, cheerfulness. But most importantly, you will not want to be somebody else. You will love being yourself, being confident in your abilities, realistically looking at the world around.