Child's Training with dumbbells



Child's Training with dumbbells

Joint mobility exercises

1 Head rotations

Perform head rotation 20 times in each direction. All exercises should be carried out carefully. The speed of motion is average.

2 Arm swings

Swing your arms forward then backward, 20 times in each direction. Fists should be clenched, elbows straight.

3 Waist rotations

Perform a waist rotation 20 times in one direction and the same in another. Starting position: legs spread slightly wider than shoulder width, feet apart at 45 degree angles. Hands on your hips. During the rotation, the bend must be at its maximum.

4 Knee rotations

Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, hands on knees. Rotate your knees 20 times inside, 20 times outside.

Training with dumbbells

5 Leopard breaches defense

From a neutral position perform chain strikes with vertical fists. The reverse hand moves toward the elbow of the striking arm. Strikes are applied continuously, the speed is above average. Do three sets of a hundred strikes.

6 Tiger does roundhouse blows

Exercise is carried out from a horse stance position. Fist of a striking hand performs a horizontal figure eight. Exercises are performed consistently with both hands, the motion is uninterrupted. When performing the movement with one hand, second hand is at the hip. Later, the hands change. Exercise is carried out from a 100 to 300 times.

7 Snake beats on two levels

This is a punch using a vertical fist. The first strike is performed from a neutral position. Next one simultaneously with forward squating on one leg. Then, straightening the knees and assuming a neutral position, perform two successive blows, then the punch and a squat follow. Thus while doing this exercise,you do in on both sides. Complete combination includes two squats, one on each leg, do 50 combinations.

8 Dragon defflects the attack

From position 1, do two full forward hand rotations and lock them in position 4, then do one full rotation back and assume a starting position. Further, pulling the front foot toward the back foot, perform with your lead hand a horizontal hammer blow, and while taking a step forward with the other foot, do the roundhouse punch in the horizontal plane with the front hand, assuming the position 9. Now exercise is carried out on the other side. Perform 100 combinations.