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Russian Holiday Maslenitsa (2017)
On February 26th, the Golden Dragon celebrated the Russian Holiday Maslenitsa.

Maslenitsa is traditionally celebrated to mark the end of the harsh Russian Winter. It is a week-long festival of pancakes and parties, taking place in the seven days before lent. Russians expertly gather for fun and food, and we enjoy sweet and savory "blinis" (Russian Pancakes) all week as the official flavor of Maslenitsa.

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Winter in Los Angeles is certainly different from Winter in Moscow--a little more sun, a few less snowballs, and no dangerous icicles falling from the buildings--but our heritage, the coming of Spring, and delicious Blinis will always be worthy of celebration.

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Welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster! (2017)
The Golden Dragon welcomed the Fire Rooster to Los Angeles at our annual Chinese New Year Party.
The taste of delicious desserts mingled with the smell of authentic Chinese tea as students and friends gathered to celebrate.
The event was highlighted by a lecture from our Headmaster Valery Prosvirov - who contemplated the excitement of the new year, and emphasized the opportunities and challenges that meet us with each and every new day.
The lecture was followed by a performance by Sky Shachory, who was introduced as the school's new instructor assistant. Sky performed both Yang and Wudang style Tai Chi in a form specially choreographed by our Headmaster.
The Golden Dragon is a community and a family. We come together daily to train, to learn, to get healthy, and to have fun. We throw awesome parties to celebrate special occasions, but we can always find reason to celebrate our enthusiasm for each other and Kung Fu.
We appreciate everyone who joined us. We hope to see you soon. May the Fire Rooster bring a great year to us all!
More about event here:
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Kung Fu of Golden Dragon Christmas Holiday Party and Movie Premiere (2016)
In the four years since we’ve been open in the Los Angeles area, KFOGD has proven itself to be elite among martial arts training studios. But not only are we kung fu masters, we play them on TV as well! Come by the dojo on December 17th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. for our Christmas Party Movie Premiere, where we will be screening Dmitry Prosvirov’s newest documentary film, “Life of the Dragon: The Grandmaster”, based on the life and achievements of our school’s headmaster, Gdmsr. Valery Prosvirov.


Have Fun and Save Lives (2016)
Golden Dragon Instructor Dmitry Prosvirov led a Kung Fu Master Class at the Los Angeles Charity Event "Have Fun and Save Lives". The proceeds of the event went towards providing food and shelter to children in war-torn Ukraine. We at the Golden Dragon wish something better for all the children of the world. Kudos to Dmitry and all the attendees, who had a good time for a great cause.

Have Fun and Save Lives (2016).jpeg

Why I Call Him Master! By Bohannon Orr (2016)

Valery Nicholaevich Prosvirov:

When I was a young boy, I started watching old-school kung fu movies, mimicking the moves I saw on the screen. Honestly, every martial artist these days probably has a passion story that starts out like this, but my aspect became unique when I began to pay attention to the stories in most of these films. Stories such as Kids from ShaoLin, the Prodigal Son, 36 Chambers and the like all had a common theme – a student under the direct tutelage of a master who had proven his worth before taking on the student. It then became one of my lifelong dreams to train directly under a martial arts master while living in the dojo old-school style, then eventually take a Warrior's World Journey toward enlightenment when I was made ready (like 'Bruce' Leroy Green or Ryu from Street Fighter). I never thought I would actually be living that dream. Yet, here I am, under the tutelage of THE BEST martial artist I've ever known, Grandmaster Valery Prosvirov.
Valery is so knowledgeable and so thoroughly authentic--anybody with interest in real Martial Arts should meet him (2016)
Valery is a true master of Kung Fu. He might be the only real one on earth.

His programs and classes are amazing for body development, health, coordination, and technique--I have discovered a lot more of the perks of being human since I began training at the Golden Dragon.

I have been coming here nearly every day for four months. The classes are always challenging and always fun. It's a lively, focused environment. The teaching is dedicated and inspired and extremely professional-- and I think everybody in class feels inspired by eachother.

It seems almost everybody that comes here has a story about why they chose to take their health and well-being more seriously. We all faced harsh truths and felt a call to action--and somehow it seems to have led us all to the Golden Dragon.

Valery is so knowledgeable and so thoroughly authentic--anybody with interest in real Martial Arts should meet him. Anybody looking to become healthier and more physically capable should come talk to him. His technique is something to see--he has so much knowledge and fighting experience to share, and his physical condition is unmatched by anybody else in town. 

Kung Fu is much more than a business for him--it is his life, his path to reality, self-realization, and proper health . I think he is keeping Kung Fu and Tai Chi and Chi Gong alive for the future. It is a serious undertaking and classes here reflect this dedication.  
Golden Dragon's Birthday Party (2016)
It is a well known statistic that about 70% of small businesses fail within the first year. After that, it's said, the best formula for keeping a successful business alive is loyalty to clients, a product that people can rely upon, and a strong network. All of those bases are covered here at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, which is why we are proud to celebrate our 4th Anniversary in business here in the United States. Our dojo on Santa Monica Blvd. was bustling with friends and family all gathered for the awesome festivities. What's more, not only were we celebrating the school, but also the birthday of our Head Instructor, Grandmaster Valery Prosvirov.

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Let's Go Hiking! Kung Fu of Golden Dragon (2016)

Family Hike Day in Malibu

Kung fu is about more than just fighting or fitness. It is about balance, unity, and spiritual awareness. Virtually nothing works better for gaining these in a pinch than getting outside and communing with nature. Come join us as KFoGD hosts its 2nd Annual Family Hike Day this Saturday, October 15th in Malibu. The hike will begin at 5:00 p.m. at... Please make sure to bring water, as well as a camera phone for some gorgeous photos of the sunset! Kung Fu of Golden Dragon focuses on many different methods to attaining self-awareness – from meditation and Tai Chi to disciplined practice of form in pursuit of formlessness, the Grandmaster's teachings are fashioned to help his students gain better understanding of the world around them and their place in it. But sometimes in order to figure out your place in the world, you have to get out into it. Come enjoy a wonderful outing with our Kung Fu family this Saturday!

Hiking2 (2016).png   Hiking3 (2016).png
Hiking (2016).png

Shared route
From (34.0403724,-118.4650058) to Corral Canyon Cave via CA-1 N.

56 min (25 mi)
59 min in current traffic

1. Head northwest on Amherst Ave toward Rochester Ave
2. Turn right onto Goshen Ave
3. Turn left onto S Gretna Green Way
4. Turn left onto San Vicente Blvd
5. Turn right onto S 26th St
6. Continue onto Allenford Ave
7. Use any lane to turn left onto Sunset Blvd
8. Turn right onto CA-1 N
9. Turn right onto Corral Canyon Rd
10. Corral Canyon Rd turns right and becomes Mesa Peak Motorway
11. Arrive at location: Corral Canyon Cave

For the best route in current traffic visit https://goo.gl/maps/nvzvFtsiz8y