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Shihan Allen Woodman's Visit to Golden Dragon (March.22.2015)

On March 22nd, our school was honored to receive a special guest who is well-renowned in the martial arts world. Sensei Allen Woodman, who has more than 40 years of martial arts training in numerous styles such as Kyokushin and Wing Chun (including direct tutelage under the late great Sosai Mas Oyama and Yip Chun, son of Yip Man), stopped by the school to commiserate with Master Valery and show some cool techniques to some of his esteemed pupils.

Martial Science journal - Martial Arts: An Evolutionary Practice (2015)

Hello, my name is Valery Prosvirov, Headmaster and owner of the Golden Dragon school of Chinese Martial Arts located in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles, California.

Dzidu Krishnamurti once said: "To do what you want - a real slavery, but to do what is necessary - this is true freedom." These words of wisdom can be difficult to comprehend in the world of today with all of it’s materialism and need for immediate gratification. It’s easy to get confused between what we want and what we need.  Satisfying need requires effort, whereas in satisfying desires we look for the easiest means to the end: in other words laziness.

Award (2015)

Kung Fu of Golden Dragon has been selected three years in a row for the 2015 Los Angeles Awards for Martial Arts School and now qualifies for the Los Angeles Business Hall of Fame.

2-nd year (2014):

1-st year (2013):

II International Kung Fu Seminar in Los Angeles (SEP 07 2015)


Master Valery Prosvirov would like to cordially invite you and yours
to our 2nd Annual International Kung Fu Seminar in Los Angeles, CA!
On September 7, 2015, our second seminar in America begins with
6 full days, 6 hours per day, intense training
Do you have what it takes?
Come have a fun-filled week with our Kung Fu Family!!

September 7 – 12, 2015
Sign up here   Price $ 350
 RSVP via phone (310) 207-5260 or email inbox@kungfu-school.com

3 Action Movie Summer Camps June 15-19 and July 6-10 and August 3-7 (2015)

This summer camp is for those who want to try themselves in front of the camera. If you have ever dreamed about being an action movie star, this is a right place for you!

We will be filming a movie based on a real story of Ancient China when Shaolin monks helped the Emperor to defend the country from Japanese pirates.

To be able to perform beautiful Kung Fu action in front of the camera, the children will have 4 days of ultimate Kung Fu workouts and 1 day (the last one) of the filming.

Sign up here (June session)     Sign up here (July session)       Sign up here (August session)

Red Carpet Premiere Event - Lessons of Fate (February.21.2015)

February 21st was the celebration of the Chinese New Year for 2015. And here at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, we brought in the new year in proper form with the Red Carpet Premiere release of our second short film in the Lessons of Fate series, Dignity. This installment, written and directed by Valery Prosvirov, focuses on our hero's personal journey toward understanding of what it means to be truly victorious. With the event's marvelous turnout, one could say we were all winners this evening. Students, stars, and friends old and new stopped by for this momentous occasion, and we couldn't have had a more wonderful time!