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Red Carpet Premiere Event - Lessons of Fate (February.21.2015)

February 21st was the celebration of the Chinese New Year for 2015. And here at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, we brought in the new year in proper form with the Red Carpet Premiere release of our second short film in the Lessons of Fate series, Dignity. This installment, written and directed by Valery Prosvirov, focuses on our hero's personal journey toward understanding of what it means to be truly victorious. With the event's marvelous turnout, one could say we were all winners this evening. Students, stars, and friends old and new stopped by for this momentous occasion, and we couldn't have had a more wonderful time!


Red Carpet Event (February.21.2015)


Executive Producer Jeff Silberman
The Gold Stanley, LLC present
A short film by
Master Valery Prosvirov

Lessons of Fate 2 – Dignity

A Story of One Fighter's Journey to Discover
the True Meaning of Victory


Dmitry Prosvirov
Valery Prosvirov
Zachary H. Sacks
Bohannon Orr
You are invited to our First Screening!
Saturday, February 21, 2015 6:00 p.m.
Red Carpet Event! Evening/Black Tie Attire
Come share a Fate-ful night with
Kung Fu of Gold Dragon

Martial Arts: An Evolutionary Practice

Hello, my name is Valery Prosvirov, Headmaster and owner of the Golden Dragon school of Chinese Martial Arts located in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles, California.

Dzidu Krishnamurti once said: "To do what you want - a real slavery, but to do what is necessary - this is true freedom." These words of wisdom can be difficult to comprehend in the world of today with all of it’s materialism and need for immediate gratification. It’s easy to get confused between what we want and what we need. Satisfying need requires effort, whereas in satisfying desires we look for the easiest means to the end: in other words laziness.

We complicate our lives by storing too much useless information and leaving little room for useful knowledge that can help us to grow. We’re always on the go, waking early, working late and not having enough time for the important parts of life. Neglecting to spend time with loved ones while rationalizing that making money for them somehow justifies the lack of time spent with them. They are not happy and neither are you. You dream that one day all of your efforts will pay off and you’ll be a hero!

Winter camp "Be A Kung Fu star" (12.30.2014)

T'was the season for Kung Fu Fun! Here is a video compilation of our Kung Fu Winter Camp on December 22-23rd in Los Angeles. To say we had a great time would an understatement! The kids were excited to be so involved, and they ran the gamut on everything from relay races to training to fight choreography. We even had a guest appearance by Christmas' favorite malcontent, The Grinch (whohelped the kids get in shape). Be sure to join us next Holiday season for even more high-kicking yuletide festivities!!!